What Happens If You Get Injured at Your Workplace?

All employers must ensure that the workplace is healthy and safe for all their employees. However, injuries such as broken bones, psychological injuries, and aggravations of certain conditions can occur while you are at work. The cause could be the negligence of the employer in failing to ensure your safety.

If you get injured at your workplace, you can always hire an injury lawyer. There are some legal systems in place that call for employee compensation and benefits in case of injuries. Read on to know what happens if you get injured at your workplace.

Medical Help

The first and the most important thing is medical help. You will receive first aid and any necessary medical treatment that your doctor recommends. You will most likely need to consult a doctor or visit a hospital on your working day. In such a case, your employer has to pay for your travel costs.

You need to explain the exact circumstances of your injury along with all your symptoms. It is best if the doctor notes everything you say. Make sure to preserve all the medical documents and reports.

Inform Your Supervisor

Your supervisor at work needs to be up to date with information regarding your injury and treatment. Make sure to inform your supervisor as early as possible. Do not ignore any minor injuries as well.

Your employer will have some rules and procedures in place that you have to follow. Your supervisor is the best person to reach out for more details. It will help you be aware of the protocols of your workplace. This gives you a better scope to handle things.


The incident of your injury should be documented. Your employer must take note of your injury. It is best to maintain a set of records by yourself as well. Make sure to include all the details of the accident. Please keep all of them in a secure place. You never know when you may need them as evidence.

Your notes must include:

  • Location of the incident
  • Date and time
  • Witnesses
  • Supervisor
  • Medical visits and reports
  • Receipts
  • Worker’s compensation conversations and records
  • Employer claims

Employees’ Compensation Claim

The next aspect that happens after you are injured at your workplace deals with the employees’ compensation claim. It is essential to file this claim after any workplace injury. It is a claim requesting benefits. Keep in mind that this cannot be a lawsuit.

You can get a form to apply for these benefits from your employer. Remember that your employer has no obligations to provide benefits if you do not complete this procedure.

In case your employer cannot give you this application, you need to contact the Worker’s Compensation Office of your state immediately. Make sure to preserve a copy of all your records.

Consulting or Hiring an Attorney

The process to claim compensation and benefits can be overwhelming. You can always consult an injury lawyer whenever it gets confusing. It is better to consult an injury attorney before you file your claim. It will help you to become aware of your rights. Additionally, you can accurately determine which benefits you are entitled to.

There may be a possibility that you are not satisfied with your compensation. At times, you may not receive any response from your employer. You can then hire an injury attorney to represent you before a court or administrative judge. Attorneys will ensure your best interests and help you build a strong case.

If you are injured at your workplace, you may have to deal with the pain and loss. However, remember that you have a right to get compensated for it in case of your employer’s negligence. You are entitled to get worker’s compensation benefits. You can always consult an injury attorney if you wish to gain clarity on your rights.