What Are the Benefits of Buying Lab Grown Diamonds?

Is it time for you to find some flashy new jewelry for yourself or a loved one?

While diamonds aren’t as popular as they once were, they’re still the top choice for engagement rings and a popular choice for neutral, but elegant, jewelry.

Between diamond purity, diamond karats, and diamond colors, you already have a lot to think about. But have you considered opting for lab-grown diamonds as well?

Many people think that lab-grown diamonds are a “lesser” option, but this isn’t true. Keep reading to learn why we think that lab-grown diamonds are a great choice.

They’re More Ethical

It’s common knowledge that diamonds that come from mines (or “real” diamonds) aren’t an ethical choice most of the time. While there are ethical mines, they’re not as easy to come by and you don’t know for sure that these companies are being honest.

Diamonds are often symbols of controversy hidden in a shiny exterior.

You have options. Many people opt to re-use diamonds from heirloom jewelry or find vintage diamond rings for potential spouses. These things aren’t accessible for everyone.

When you buy lab-grown diamonds, you know that no one had to suffer for them. The diamonds don’t come from a mine and no one had to put their safety on the line to get them.

You can feel comfortable with your ring purchase.

They’re More Affordable

Diamonds are the most expensive option when it comes to gemstones. There’s a stereotype about people having to spend several months of their salary on engagement rings, but is that really necessary?

While lab-grown diamonds are still expensive, they’re a cheaper option than traditional diamonds because they’re not “rare.”

There’s nothing wrong with choosing a more affordable option for an engagement ring. That means that you can save money for your wedding, your honeymoon, or your life together.

They’re Still Real Diamonds

The affordability factor and the idea that the diamond isn’t “real” may lead you to believe that these diamonds are somehow lower-quality. Don’t be fooled; these diamonds are as real as any other diamonds.

People who grow lab-grown diamonds still invest in laser engraving (such as the services provided by so you can see that the diamonds are legitimate.

You can still get diamonds in all of your favorite colors. They still have the same durability and hardness as all other diamonds and they’ll still have a wonderful flash and sparkle.

There’s nothing fake about lab-grown diamonds, so you don’t have to worry that you’re getting ripped off.

Lab-Grown Diamonds: The Obvious Choice

Why buy diamonds that come from dangerous mines and cost you several months of your pay? While these diamonds may seem better because they’re rare, there are no real differences between lab-grown diamonds and mined diamonds.

In other words, you’re wasting your money.

Lab-grown diamonds are the ethical and affordable choice for real diamonds. If you love diamond jewelry, there’s no competition.

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