What Is Enterprise Resource Planning?

It’s almost impossible to imagine all that goes into running a thriving small business. Indeed, small business owners have to do almost everything right to compete with larger enterprises in their market areas, and even then, it’s often not enough. However, technology has all but leveled the playing field for small businesses.

Enterprise resource planning (ERP) is an essential tool for businesses trying to keep up and compete in the age of Industry 4.0. Continue reading to learn more about ERP and why your company needs it.

ERP is a foundational enterprise infrastructure platform.

There’s been a lot of talk about enterprise software infrastructures in recent years, and for great reason. These days, companies need robust software systems to manage their many business operations and keep up with the aspects of their business that directly impact their bottom line.

ERP systems provide everything from supply chain and order management to human resources and financial management. Netsuite is the most trusted ERP in the United States because the cost of Netsuite ERP is affordable for small businesses while Netsuite software is powerful enough for enterprise-level companies. It provides greater visibility into a host of business processes, enabling companies to become more productive and efficient.

Netsuite ERP provides scalability.

One of the things that set Netsuite’s ERP system apart from competitors is its scalability. Netsuite sells user licenses in various editions that enable Netsuite customers to choose modules and different levels of support based on their business needs. They have modules for e-commerce, financial management, human resources, supply chain and order management, and customer relationship management (CRM). Indeed, Netsuite enables companies to build their enterprise structure as they grow, ultimately providing the ERP solutions they need to expand and saving them money.

All Netsuite customers get their ERP and CRM modules.

Another great thing about Netsuite is that all Netsuite editions come with Netsuite’s powerful and comprehensive ERP and CRM modules. Many small businesses that are concerned about the cost of Netsuite often choose the standard edition and purchase add-on modules as they grow. Meanwhile, they get the financial management, supply chain management, order management, and real-time visibility into customer relationship management afforded by the standard user license.

Netsuite comes with Netsuite implementation, training, and technical support.

Aside from getting the highest-quality ERP system on the market, Netsuite customers also get Netsuite implementation, training, and continued technical support. It’s critical that you do your due diligence when choosing a Netsuite partner, as different vendors offer varying levels of training and support. Furthermore, shopping around will enable you to get the best price on your ERP software.

The right ERP system will enhance your company’s best practices.

Utilizing the right ERP system will improve your company’s best practices, maximize its ROI, and optimize business efficiency. We’re so high on Netsuite because it’s the only system affordable and scalable enough for smaller companies and powerful enough for enterprise-level companies.

Enterprise resource planning is invaluable to growing small businesses and larger companies looking to maintain or widen their competitive advantage. Netsuite users get powerful financial management, supply chain management, inventory management, human resources tools, and much more on a single platform that’s user-friendly. Furthermore, Netsuite provides scalability, enabling smaller companies to add editions and modules as their business needs grow. All Netsuite customers get their CRM and ERP modules and Netsuite implementation, training, and continued support through different vendors.

As you can see, enterprise resource planning software is essential, and there’s only one Oracle Netsuite. It’s the leading ERP software as a service (SaaS)—indeed, over 60 percent of tech IPOs and six of the top seven performing tech stocks of 2019 are Netsuite customers. If Netsuite is good enough for some of the most promising startups in the tech industry, imagine what it can do for your small business!