Top 5 places to buy apartments in Spain

In recent years, the interest in real property in Spain has been growing noticeably. Investors are interested in variants for summer and winter holidays, housing as a long-term investment.

The whole country is open to international investors. But if you want to buy a house at an attractive price and in a good area, choose one of the best regions in Spain. The cost of villas in Spain ranges depending on the regions. But, according to the experts of the agency Spain-Real.Estate., the most sought-after area is the coast, where you can buy private houses, villas and luxury real property.

  • Costa Blanca. A very warm region of the country, which is located near the sea. It has a mild climate, wonderful nature and many attractions. The developed infrastructure allows you to easily get to any part of Spain. A villa or a house here is not expensive, but at the same time such property is located near the coast. It is in demand among tenants, so it can be rented out at favorable prices.
  • Majorca. This part of Spain is interesting both for those who are looking for real property for themselves and for investors. Long beaches delight with heavenly landscapes and clear sea, every corner impresses with its individuality. Premium property is considered especially valuable here, which will catch fancy with individual style and gorgeous ornamentation.
  • Costa del Sol. The most beautiful region of the country, which has a special flavor. Despite the fact that it is very cold here for two weeks every year, premium property remains in great request in the Costa del Sol. Many houses belong to celebrities and politicians, they are the most luxurious villas in all of Europe.
  • Costa Brava. The advantage of the region is that the summer here is not hot and quite comfortable. Beautiful landscapes, exuberance of vegetation surround the region and attract tourists to it. There are also some of the best restaurants in the country. The cost of houses and apartments varies in a fairly wide range, so you can buy both economical and premium ones.
  • Barcelona. This city is attractive for investment in commercial and private real property. It is a large business and educational center, thanks to which there are always many entrepreneurs, students, and workers here. Rent of houses and apartments is in demand all year round, as well as properties for offices. It becomes more expensive every year, so experts consider investing in real property profitable.

Assistance in the selection of housing in Spain

If you want to find upmarket housing in Spain, you cannot do without the help of specialists. We recommend you to contact the specialists Spain-Real.Estate. Professional realtors will advise you, tell you about all the intricacies of movement, help with the choice of an district and a residential development. The company renders support for transactions, performs reviews of properties, offers legal support and helps with the subsequent maintenance of the property.

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