An overview of HOA management companies in Phoenix 

There are many benefits of investing in a property in Phoenix that’s managed by homeowners’ associations (HOAs). An HOA takes over the maintenance and upkeep of the concerned community, allowing residents to have a low-maintenance lifestyle. Typically, HOAs were, and still are, managed by boards of directors, who are residents of the community. However, management of an HOA is more than just about collecting money and paying for contracts. It has a lot to do with helping residents have a better quality of life. 

Many HOAs and their boards of directors are now turning to professional companies for the job. There are a bunch of Phoenix HOA management companies, which work for these HOAs, offering the services they need. Below is an overview of these services.  

So, what does a HOA management service do?

Depending on the contract, an HOA management company can ensure that clients get all the support that they need for better performance of the association. They can take care of basic things, including maintenance of common areas, deploying tech for premise monitoring, management of amenities, and CC&R Enforcement. Usually, HOA management companies will also take care of collections and payments, besides handling accounting and bookkeeping. If an HOA runs into trouble at some point with authorities and neighbors, the management company offer recommendations for legal advice and counsel too. 

HOA management companies are also in charge of finding and appointing vendors and contractors, ensuring that work is done on time. Besides the standard tasks, these companies usually assign a property manager, who will communicate with the residents directly as needed. 

Finding the right HOA management company

Not all companies that claim to specialize in HOA management are same. Board of directors and volunteers must do their homework before selecting a service. For HOAs, experience and expertise are key factors to consider. Also, the gamut of services offered by each company may vary, which must be checked in depth. The best HOA management company is the one that can align its knowhow for the needs of the project at hand. Also, it makes sense to ask for a few references. If a HOA management company has been around for years, they will have enough clients, and their clientele is a clear indicator of their expertise. 

A known HOA management company is an asset for the association and residents alike. The cost paid for the services is eventually worth the benefits. a