Little Known Facts About Armani Watches That You Should Know

Italy is one of the countries well known when it comes to Fashion. Twice a year, the Milan Fashion Week is held. Elites and fashion enthusiasts around the world gather to witness this event. Numerous runway and trade shows happen during this time. Due to the current Covid-19 pandemic, the 2020 fashion week uses digital media to continue its tradition. It is part of the Italian culture to dress appropriately well. No wonder big fashion brands had their beginnings in this country. This country is the birthplace of one of the most respected fashion designers globally, which is Giorgio Armani. He collaborated with Fossil to create Swiss-made watches.

When we talk about craftsmanship, Switzerland is always on the top list. This country is known for its high-end Swiss watches. Their timepieces are made of metal gears, high-grade steel, and most use sapphire crystals. Laws in Switzerland regulate Swiss-made timepieces. You can trust that their watches are of high quality. Combining the design of the biggest name in the fashion industry and high manufacturing standards of Swiss-made products, Giorgio Armani crafted the Emporio Armani ladies watches

About Giorgio Armani

An Italian fashion designer commended as the most successful Italian designer. Born in Italy in July 1934, Armani wanted to pursue a career in medicine. However, in 1953, he left the University of Milan and stopped his studies in the Department of Medicine. Armani chose to join the army, and after four years, Armani started his design career. He worked as a humble window dresser in a department store in Milan and was assigned to sell menswear. In the 1960s, he secured a job at Nino Cerruti as a menswear designer. In July of 1975, Armani established his brand, the Giorgio Armani S.p. A. Their product line includes clothes, shoes, cosmetics, and accessories. The company operates different labels, including Giorgio Armani, Armani Jeans, Armani Junior, and Armani Exchange. One of the prominent labels is Emporio Armani.

Emporio Armani Label

The Emporio Armani label was launched in 1981. The designs are mainly modern and are up with the trend. The label featured big names in Hollywood and athletes as its models. These include David Beckham, Christiano Ronaldo, Megan Fox, Rihanna, and Shawn Mendes. The products under this label are only available in Emporio Armani Boutiques. These boutiques are established in cities around the globe. You can find some in Dubai, London, Los Angeles, Madrid, New York, Seoul, Singapore, Sydney, Tokyo, and Toronto. Moreover, Giorgio Armani designed the label’s product and is featured yearly at Milan Fashion Week. 

Watches are the main product under this label. They have smartwatches, classic analog watches with either leather or stainless steel band, and many other available designs.

Also, the Emporio Armani watch collection is manufactured in Switzerland. The brand maintains high standards in making watches ensuring quality and durability. Fossil Group produced and distributed an American company that manufactures watch designed by fashion brands, including the Emporio Armani. Hence, their Manufacturing site is located in the Canton of Bern, Switzerland.

Timekeeping In Style

A watch can complement your outfit. Besides telling you the time, watches are widely used as a fashion statement. Thus, depending on your style, these timepieces have different designs you can choose from. Hence, if you are the on-the-go type, their Hybrid Smartwatch is the best fit for you. It has stylish wearable technology that works like a mini phone, a gunmetal case, and a black leather strap. For the sporty women, one trendy option is the Sportivo White Dial. It is made of rose gold stainless steel with a white silicone bracelet. It is a water-resistant watch you can wear while swimming. If you prefer to look formal and elegant, watches with stainless steel bands suit you well. Their Retro Silver Watch is the smart choice for women. It is smaller than the other Emporio Armani watch models and has a minimalist design that is very classy.


Your watch is not solely for timekeeping; it tells a lot about you. Other people will regard you based on the timepiece you are wearing. A smartwatch may indicate that you are a techie person. A sports watch shows that you are up for an adventure. Having a formal timepiece makes you look like going to work or a business meeting. There is also a casual watch designed for everyday use. When you accessorize with a fashion watch, it tells people that you value being presentable. A Swiss-made watch has distinct quality features that make you look dependable. A fashionable Emporio Armani watch is designed and made to last not only a lifetime but may be passed on generations. Its classic designs are always trendy, and getting a luxury timepiece is a good investment.