Men’s Fashion: A Gentleman’s Guide to Essential Accessories

There will come a time in every man’s life that you would soon realize that style does not directly equate to just having a closet full of clothes and random accessories. A right mix of the two will help define your look and help you stand out. Why is that so?

Here is a good example. You know that shirt you have right now? Looks great on you, yes? That is well and all, but you can never deny that that will also work well with another guy. Of course, these shirts are produced by companies to be bought and worn by a lot of people. The right set of accessories that can accompany that particular look will help you not get lost in the sea of normal dudes with boring clothes.So lose the character shirt and suit up. Here are the best essential accessories for a classy gentleman like yourself.

Get some quality timepiece

The correct kind of wristwatch makes a whole lot of difference. In reality, this is one particular piece of accessory that men seriously invest in. Besides keeping track of the time, of course, a modern gentleman knows that having the correct kind of timepiece is also a good fashion statement. So pass on that old digital watch to your younger brother and level up with something like a Marc Jacobs watch.

Invest in a good quality grooming kit

The unkempt disheveled look is never the way to go, especially for any gentleman. A set that is reserved for grooming and to help you look sharp all the time is an essential set of items to have. All the best kinds of grooming kits include skin and hair products, shaving tools, and trimmers. Having facial hair is okay, just as long as it is well-groomed and well-trimmed.

Get a belt

Keeping things together is very important. And every discerning gentleman should have to invest in a couple of quality belts. Two leather dress belts and two casual belts should be a good start. Dress belts should only be either black or brown, and these should go with either black or brown shoes. For casual belts, these can be any color, just as long as these can match well with your other suits.

Invest on a wallet 

You might not know it, but a good quality wallet is included in the list of essential accessories for a gentleman. Investing in good wallets is a need. Most men would use a wallet for years and years and not replace it. Old and worn-out ones must be immediately replaced. Never keep receipts and extra cards and change in wallets. Keep just a few cards and cash every week. Always try to keep things to a minimum.

Get familiarized with cufflinks

Not many newbies know what these are. But, having cufflinks incorporated into your suit is a must-have to be able to stand out in a crowd. Just like the little details on classic luxury cars, it shows that you can pay attention to how you present yourself, right down to the tiniest details of your look. Another big plus here is that it can make your 50 dollar suit look more like a couple of hundred dollars.

This small dash of sophistication integrated onto your suit and therefore look should go hand in hand with the other accessories that you are wearing at the moment. 

Tie up with your tie

One of the most essential symbols of sophistication of a gentleman is a tie. But not just any kind of tie, it should have the color and design that can go smoothly along with your overall look. Never clash designs that do not go together. The idea is to be a classy gentleman, not a cartoon character.

As a gentleman, it is a must that you have multiple designs and colors of ties as well as types. Bow ties and straight ties are essential elements for every modern gentleman. Each type, of course, gives a specific different look. But both styles still commands respect, and of course, it is what a gentleman should be able to exude. 

A good pair of glasses

Any modern gentleman that has a good set of shades will be able to upgrade their look further. Being able to include these in your overall look adds to the whole brooding appeal. Having the correct set of glasses also creates a sort of symmetry with the face, which then helps with the whole look. Another big plus here is that besides the fashion factor, glasses protect one’s eyes from too much UV rays.

A good pair of socks

Even the most John Wick themed suit will get ruined if you happen to be wearing a pair of socks that destroys the whole theme of your look. Make sure that you get to invest in some quality socks as well with colors and designs that are not too wild and out all over the place. Do not, at all cost, wear worn out or dirty socks. No self-respecting gentleman will ever want to wear such atrocities. Always wear clean and well-kept socks.

The pocket square

In the movies, have you ever seen those mobsters that have that cloth by their jacket pockets? Those are Pocket Squares. 

A classic gentleman’s accessory that every man should be able to have. It is one of the simple men’s wear essentials that gives an immense impact when it comes to the overall look if it is utilized correctly. If used properly, this accessory can be like a cherry on the top of a cake that is your suit, and it can add interest to your jacket or blazer. 

These kinds of items and essentials are not the ultimate set of accessories, but these are the basic ones to keep in mind. Once you are familiar with these, the rest will naturally be coming onto your mind along the way. By that time, you have already started your journey as a true blue gentleman.