Why are Times Tables so Important?

Learning times tables is really important because it is one of the principal topics. Multiplication tables are, after all, the building blocks of mathematics. After you’ve mastered multiplication, you can literally solve a variety of word problems Timetables can help children boost their logical thinking and reasoning skills. Time tables are easy and simple to learn.

Tables can help students solve a variety of questions in worksheets easily. For example, a first-grade kid can solve 1st-grade math worksheets with the help of multiplication tables in less time and greater accuracy. You can find many worksheets based on tables online. Cuemath is an online learning platform that provides numerous math worksheets to master the concept of tables easily. These worksheets boost the logical and reasoning skills of a student. These worksheets also help students visualize concepts better, thus boosting the visualization skills of a student. The best part is that Cuemath worksheets are free to download and super easy to use.

Let us now discuss some of the reasons why time tables are important for your child:

Why are Time Tables Important?- 5 Reasons

Practicing time tables on a regular basis can help the student strengthen their mathematical foundation and score well in their examinations. Here are some of the reasons why timetables are essential for your child :

Time tables help with Arithmetic skills

Memorizing times tables makes it far quicker and simpler for students to solve maths problems. Moving beyond using their fingers to solve answers, they will be able to use their knowledge to solve any multiplication questions mentally and quickly. By memorizing and understanding times tables, students will become more accustomed to answering and solving numerical problems quickly and accurately. This will help them solve questions involving multiplication, division, addition, subtraction and help them in advanced math. Time tables will boost their confidence and their mental arithmetic skills.

Time Tables help students Understand Concepts Better.

Memorizing times tables can do wonders in building a children’s knowledge of vital mathematical topics. These concepts include fractions, percentages, graphs, and even shapes. By using visual representations and aids of times tables such as charts, graphs, and posters, students can envision the role of numbers.

Used in Our Daily Lives

Times tables aren’t just useful for examinations or solving worksheets, but they can also help students outside of the classrooms. For example, how much would it cost to buy three pencils which cost Rupees 2 each? Simply calculate 3 x 2. Or how many biscuits are there in total if my four friends have five each? Work out 4 x 5, and you are done. The possibilities of having to use timetables in our daily lives are endless.

Boosts Confidence

The ability to fully understand and memorize timetables will boost your child’s confidence. The ability to multiply and divide will make students confident and also build a solid base of basic mathematical concepts. Time tables will benefit students in their day-to-day activities as well. Thus, boosting and strengthening their mathematical skills and logical reasoning as well as thinking.


Time tables are one of the essential tools for many forms of mathematics, such as algebra, equations, and more. Time tables also help students familiarise themselves with various mathematical concepts and feel confident with the techniques and skills. Hence understanding timetables are important and extremely useful for the students.