3 Perfect Suburban Holiday Spots In Australia

Harry Vincent / © Culture Trip

Australian tourism usually features metropolitan cities and breathtaking beaches, while some offbeat travellers prefer to hike or fish on Australia’s rich outbacks. But off late, more travellers opt to soak in the Australian lifestyle and target Australian suburbs than its featured cities. On average, Australia sees 9.6 billion tourists every year, and they are usually international travellers. These tourists rely on the internet to find local activities and sightseeing spots, as suburban tourism is not commercial. Australia saw a rise in searches like “Gold coast bread and breakfasts”, “Balmain pubs and restaurants”, etc. These search phrases point to the increasing popularity of Australia’s suburbs. 

A holiday in the suburbs is vastly different from a Sydney or Melbourne holiday because of the experiences it provides. People can soak up the “true Aussie life” when holidaying in the suburbs. Life is slower and calmer here while still being as connected as a city. People wanting a quiet vacation in Australia should opt for one of the many suburbs Australia is known for, like Balmain, Brighton, etc.


Vacationing is always a popular activity globally, and Australia has a range of tourist attractions, from the beaches to the hiking trails. Several tourists throng to its various cities like Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, etc., but a recent trend has a particular section of tourists visiting suburbs. These tourists usually travel in small groups or are solo travellers. Travellers can learn about the local culture and history. Or they can unwind from their work and experience a quieter vacation. 

The Culture Trip

A culture trip is for those who have a deep interest in culture, cuisine, and the people of a place. Travellers visit these places for a first-hand experience of the people and Australian suburban life. They are the best place to try the native culture through the food and architecture. These suburbs offer the same comfort as the cities, allowing people all the amenities they need with some peace.

The Staycation

Staycations are all the rage today, with several hotels sprucing up their space to accommodate these travellers. A staycation is where people stay at the resort and spend their vacation without going out of their rooms. Staycations in these hotels or resorts are becoming popular as it allows people a change of environment and provides the feel of a vacation. Staycations also don’t require much activity or effort, allowing people to relax and recuperate from their busy lives. Australian suburbs have the perfect environment for a staycation, and they also have excellent hotels that provide this experience. People should opt for a hotel with a bar and restaurant inside to enjoy their staycation to the fullest extent.

The Foodie Traveller

Cuisine, like culture, is a passion for a few, and the best way to try global cuisine is through travel. People wanting to try authentic Aussie foods usually visit the suburbs, where the food accurately represents Aussie tastes. Commercial cities are more global in taste and the available food ranges, but suburbs tend to focus on the local flavours and dishes. But people can also get other cuisines while staying in Australian suburbs. Additionally, enjoying authentic Aussie food in a typical Australian setting sets the right vibe for a vacation.

Australia has a variety of landscapes to satiate every traveller’s appetite. While Australian beaches have a global reputation, more tourists opt for the hiking and underwater scene in Australia. With the pandemic reducing travellers to less than 7 million last year, Australian tourism is more open to welcome guests this year. With lockdowns relaxing, more people can visit Brighton hotels or Balmain pubs and restaurants to enjoy a relaxing vacation.