Ways You Can Make Faux Fur Throw Cozy

Harmless to the environment and animal-friendly, faux fur throws are a great way to add style and comfort to your home. Plus, they’re incredibly versatile! They can be used as a blanket to keep you warm in front of the fireplace, or draped over your sofa as a stylish throw pillow with lots of texture and visual interest. Follow these tips on how to make faux fur cozy, and you’ll have it looking and feeling amazing in no time!

1) Let it air out naturally

If you’re planning on using your faux fur throw frequently and for multiple purposes, it’s best to let it air out overnight. But if you’re looking for a quick touch-up and are in need of something cozy after a long day, simply throw your faux fur blanket into a dryer with an old tennis ball or two. The tennis balls will act as gentle cleaning brushes while they tumble.

2) Wash it in cold water

First and foremost, it’s important to care for faux fur so that it retains its soft, plush texture. After all, faux fur is not real fur; it’s made from polyester fibers designed to mimic real fur. However, these fibers don’t benefit from detergent or water with hot temperatures like natural animal fibers do. Instead, wash your faux-fur throw in cold water on a gentle cycle and use a mild detergent free of dyes or perfumes.

3) Use a mild detergent

Machine-wash faux fur throw in cold water using a mild detergent; do not use bleach. Dry on low heat, then lay flat to finish drying. If your faux fur throw blanket has tassels or fringe, take care to remove them before washing so they don’t clog up your machine’s pump or damage other items in your wash cycle.

This is another great reason why faux fur throws are better than real ones: you can machine wash them! It’s important that you follow these instructions carefully and dry it correctly so that it doesn’t shrink or get damaged by heat.

4) Dry it flat

While you may have paid hundreds or even thousands of dollars for your faux fur coat, it probably can’t stand up to a washing machine. Instead, gently blot up dirt with a dry towel and lay it flat on a sunny windowsill to air-dry. This will help ensure that your piece keeps its shape, length and volume—which could be key if you’re trying to create a really dramatic look.

5) Fluff it with an iron

Fake fur should be fluffed at least once a week to keep it looking its best. Using an iron on a low setting, gently run an iron over your faux fur and watch as it softens to a brilliant shine. Be sure not to leave your iron on one spot for too long, though; you don’t want to melt your cozy blanket!

6) Handle the fabric gently

To preserve your fur, try to handle it as little as possible. If you must move it—for example, to vacuum underneath—be sure to do so very gently. Shake out as much dirt and dust from your fur as possible before vacuuming beneath it. Alternatively, use a swiffer for routine cleanups of faux fur in order to minimize contact with your furniture and floors.