How CBD Oil Helps Relax Muscle Tension

The Farm Bill of 2018 has paved the way for a great expansion in the cannabis industry. Cannabidiol or CBD is one of the many products that citizens now have legal access to and are using to control many symptoms. Individual users are finding that edible grade CBD oil is reducing their anxiety and helping them to manage discomfort.

About Human Endocannabinoid System

Mammals have endocannabinoid receptors all-around their nervous system. These receptors use the endocannabinoids already produced by our bodies to try to bring us back into balance. If your body is out of balance from inflammation or damage, CBD oil may help.

The unique feature of endocannabinoids is that they are not captured by postsynaptic receptors, as are many pain medications that are opiate-based. While opiate-based pain medications can overload the postsynaptic receptors and require the user to take more of the product for the same result, endocannabinoids flow from postsynaptic receptors to presynaptic receptors.

Effects of CBD

While tetrahydrocannabinol, or THC, creates a sense of disconnected euphoria or “high,” most users find that CBD creates a feeling of calm. Anxious thoughts, irritated nerves and spasming muscles even out over time after a dose.

CBD as a muscle relaxant

The chemical messaging that causes muscle contractions is similar to the reaction that leads to anxious thoughts. The muscles contract to no purpose, but the person dealing with the spasms cannot get them to stop. Getting CBD into the system quickly can greatly reduce this firestorm in the nervous system.

CBD and chronic stress

It’s been a very nervous time around the world. Because chronic stress and constant worry can lead to serious health challenges, finding a way to simply soothe the mind and stop the spin of anxiety is critical to keeping your mind and body as healthy as possible. This control of anxious thoughts and worries can be good for you. Using a bit of CBD oil purchased from reliable places like cbdMD should help. One of the amazing benefits of choosing to buy cbd oil from a reputable distributor with the right documentation is that you can expect consistent results. 

Benefits and pain relief

While CBD is approved by the FDA as a treatment for a specific seizure disorder in children, adults will need to build their own program of CBD dosage. To start, use your CBD oil as a sublingual dose. Take a partial dropper on a day when you can stay home so you can manage any sleepiness. Track your pain level over time.

Side Effects & Risks

If you need help from a muscle relaxant over the course of the day, consider microdosing. For example, you might mix a partial dropper of CBD oil into a morning beverage and sip it slowly over time. It’s rare to get too much, but if you notice diarrhea or stomach upset, back off the dose.

With CBD, you won’t build up a tolerance. Once you get to the appropriate level, you can set it and forget it.