5 good reasons for using an estate agent to purchase a condo in Pattaya Thailand

It’s that dream time of the year again. Having worked hard and saved your money, you are on a flight returning to your favourite place on earth. You love all that Thailand has to offer, but there is a seaside city on the gulf that caught your heart the first time you set foot in it, and it has never let go since.

This visit is going to be extra special as you want to start to plan for your retirement in a few years. It can’t come soon enough, but at least you can put steps in place by purchasing one of the many condos for sale in Pattaya Thailand.

Once you arrive you are heading to an estate agent who assisted a friend in making a similar purchase a couple of years back, for 5 good reasons.

  1. There can be a mountain of paperwork to complete and legalities to understand. Having expert professionals on your side with many excellent references will ensure that you avoid the pitfalls, many of which will cost you time, money, and stress if you try to complete the process yourself and make errors. You may also wish to ponder whether you are getting the most out of your travel.
  2. An estate agent with years of experience knows exactly what each customer requires and can offer them something through an excellent customer service. Having expert local knowledge is invaluable, no matter how much you think you know about your dream destination.
  3. You will be offered advice on what is on the horizon, whether condos, amenities, or transport infrastructure. The last thing you want is to buy a condo and then have the ideal view blocked out by new developments, or to find that a newly constructed road and the disruption that it causes while being built will suddenly lower the value of your purchase through constant noise. Alternatively, the inside track on new exciting nearby amenities in the pipeline can make somewhere more attractive and add value.
  4. The best agents have the best choice to offer you. You know that you will be purchasing an excellent condo, with a full understanding of your own legal requirements and what the sale entails with all the advice that you require included in the service.
  5. The beauty of owning your own condo is that it is a sound investment for the future. You can visit any time to spend in your property as long as you remain within the Thai immigration visa regulations. Your agent will also assist you if you wish to rent it out, or perhaps you can let the family visit to use the facilities when you are not in situ. Either way can help you reclaim the initial payment.


Buying one of the many condos for sale in Pattaya Thailand is an excellent investment for the future to allow you a home in retirement, and it comes stress free when purchased through knowledgeable and professional estate agents based in the city.