Sell Jewellery Online with These Tips

There are millions of people around the world who make their living selling products online and if you happen to have a thing for jewellery, why not make that your product of choosing? Basically, you are sourcing ready-made jewellery from a manufacturer and reselling via a website, while keeping your supplier in the background. 

Here are a few tips from a seasoned e-commerce jewellery retailer to help you set up a winning formula selling quality jewellery online.

  • Choose your market – You have a choice regarding the market you enter; you could go for cheap sterling silver jewellery or focus on high end pieces, which requires a very different marketing approach. Once you have identified your target groups, you need to formulate a good digital marketing plan that will drive traffic to your e-store and this needs to be an ongoing investment in order to be relevant.
  • Find a good jewellery manufacturer – If you have seen Thailand jewelry from a leading Thai manufacturer, you will appreciate the high standards and affordable prices. There are Thai jewellery companies that have been around for 20 years and they have an excellent reputation for creating high quality jewellery at very affordable prices.
  • Web Design – Your website is your shop window and that demands a professional approach; Google ‘web development agency near me’ and talk to an experienced web designer about designing and building an e-commerce platform that ticks all the boxes. Your site needs to be responsive, with high quality images and sales copy, plus the platform must be secure, as your customers will use your online payment gateways.
  • Good marketing – We are living in a digital world and without some form of digital marketing, you aren’t going to reach many potential customers. Be prepared to invest in digital marketing, which should include SEO and social media marketing and over a period of time, your sales will reflect this service. A good SEO agency would be able to formulate an aggressive digital marketing plan and that should lead to smashing your sales target.
  • Encourage customer reviews – When a site visitor sees many testimonials from happy customers, this can be enough to convince the user to become a customer. If you use an independent organisation like Google Reviews, this will give you a seal of approval, as well as credibility. Click here for tips on making money online.
  • Formulate a returns policy – Every e-commerce business must have a returns policy, which clearly states your policies regarding returned goods and refunds. Most customers read the returns policy prior to making a purchase and you should have a lawyer take a look before you publish the document.

As with any business, the key to success rests with planning and preparation and your business plan should be your guide, but be prepared to make changes, should the need arise. We hope that the above information helps you to set up a winning combination and don’t forget to register your business with the authorities.