What Are the Benefits of Becoming a Certified Scrum Master?

Depending on the industry you currently work in, you might feel like you are the only person in the world who hasn’t yet become a certified Scrum master!

After all, in one survey carried out by, 81% of the 2100 professionals surveyed currently said they were using Scrum.

But is it enough to use Scrum in your organization, or should you actually take time to achieve a formal Scrum certification? Here, we’ll talk through some of the main benefits of becoming a certified Scrum Master.

Better Grasp Of the Scrum Framework

You may have already worked on a few Scrum projects, sat in your first sprint planning meeting, and took part in a daily Scrum. So you probably feel confident that you know the basics of Scrum and how to apply it.

However, Scrum is a framework. It has very distinct principles to follow if you use it correctly and if you want to get every benefit from this Agile approach

If you haven’t had formal training, it’s time to get a full Scrum certification. You will be able to apply the theory that sits at the heart of all the day-to-day project tasks you are already familiar with.

What’s more, having a formal certification as a Scrum Master will put faith in your team and superiors that you make sound decisions on a project by applying best practices.

New Job Opportunities

Becoming a certified Scrum Master opens up a world of job opportunities in the tech industry and project management.

Most tech startups and high-tech global organizations apply Agile project management and Scrum methods in their software development processes.

These prestigious, high-paid careers are hard to get into, and a Scrum certification can help you stand out from other candidates.

If you are already in tech and want to go from a development or support role into management, Scrum Master training is the perfect stepping stone.

Unlike more traditional management training, Scrum Master is a role that works closely with a development team. It is as much a coaching position as it is a management role, so it is perfect if you transition from one to the other.

Career Progression

If you currently work in project management and follow other methodologies such as PRINCE2 or APM, you might wonder if you really need yet another project management qualification.

The answer is a resounding yes because having Scrum certification will help you progress with your career, especially if you are currently in a junior role and want to move into a position where you lead other people.

Team management is a big part of Scrum. Having experience managing teams as a Scrum Master will give you fantastic skills to add to your resume. Find out about training by visiting SAFe 5 Scrum Master (SSM) certification

Enhanced Leadership Skills

Few people are indeed born with natural leadership abilities. Most of us develop our leadership skills over time as we progress through our careers.

If you are a recent graduate, your leadership experience may be limited. You have an opportunity to change that with a Scrum Master certification.

With Scrum, you’ll be working closely with your team to hit your scrum sprints. Sprints are time-boxed work plans where you’ll push your team to deliver a finished product.

Imagine sitting with a team of developers to support their progress, talk through problems, and keep project communications going.

This is a valuable experience that will help you in any future job role, even if you change your career.

Better Project Delivery

There is nothing worse than working on a late project and one that is over budget. That is true whether you are the stakeholder, project manager, or project team member.

Poor project delivery is stressful and demotivating. But too often, with traditional project management methodologies, late or expensive projects are commonplace.

That isn’t the case with Scrum. Scrum was designed as part of the Agile framework to fix the problems of poor project delivery, to improve the workplace culture using collaborative work.

That has several benefits for you. You’ll have a successful project delivery to your name, you’ll have a happy team, and you’ll have a project that is generally more fun to be involved with.

More Grasp of Project Details

Project management and technical team leaders are the most obvious candidates for Scrum Master training. However, Scrum certification is highly beneficial even if you are in another project role.

Senior managers of project stakeholders can get a lot of value from getting Scrum Master training. It will give them good oversight into how Scrum works, the benefits, and what they can do to support a Scrum project.

If you are a senior manager, consider getting Scrum certified. You are a stakeholder, so you have a lot of power and control over a project.

With the proper understanding of Scrum, you can make a big difference to the project’s overall success.

Be a Catalyst for Organizational Change

It’s not just individuals and project teams who benefit from Scrum methodology. Run properly, organizations can see a vast transformation when projects switch to this Agile method.

Scrum puts a lot of emphasis on delivering value early on in a project.

Rather than plan out extensive, complex software development, the product will be split into distinct parts, with an early, high-value working product delivered in the first sprint.

If your organization is in a competitive market, this has a considerable advantage. New product innovations can be delivered to customers far earlier in the product lifecycle.

If you are an important decision-maker for your organization, consider getting certified in Scrum. It will give you a fantastic insight into how this methodology can help your organization change for the better.

Become a Certified Scrum Master Today

With a growing track record of successful project delivery in the high-tech world, it looks like Scrum is here to stay.

So if you haven’t done so already, now is the time to become a certified Scrum Master and give your resume a boost.

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