3 Ways To Earn Money From Your Broken Appliances

Dispose of tablet device electronic waste.

Turn your trash into cash by being practical with your waste disposal. If you’ve recently checked your house and discovered some appliances that are no longer working or are too old that you don’t want to use them anymore, don’t completely throw them out yet, read this blog post first. This will show you different ways to get money from your broken appliances.

You won’t be needing your old and outdated technological devices anymore, and keeping them in your home, idle and on stand-by, will only accumulate space, dust, and germs. Most especially if you’re the type of person who constantly updates your home appliances, then all the more you’d want to earn some money from your old gems, right?

Fret not—here are some easy ways to make money from your scraps:

  1. Sell To Scrap Metal Buyers

When you have old appliances that don’t function anymore, they can still be salvaged by scrap companies. Take a look around your neighborhood, and you might find some local scrap buyers who can offer you a fair price for your used household items. You can also check out the Internet for companies (or individuals) that purchase old appliances for cash. This is a win-win situation since you’ll be getting money from your trash, as well as asve the environment by lessening landfill contributions.

However, keep in mind that scrap metal buyers have their specific rules and terms before they buy your stuff. It’s wise to ask first before you bring all of your broken appliances to their stores. Expect to discover different prices from different buyers, and choose which one is the most reasonable for you. Take note that it’s not only the money that you need to consider, but convenience, too.

Take note of these tips when selling to metal scrappers:

  • The Prices Are Unstable And Often Fluctuate Quickly

There are times when the price rises, and it’s well worth the effort. Unfortunately, there are instances wherein there’ll be a rapid drop in scrap prices, resulting in your loss if you compute your gas expenses, too. Hence, it’s wise to ask and monitor the costs before you decide to haul all your scrap items to the company. Scrap prices are unpredictable, so deal with it over the phone or email first before taking action.

  • Segregate Different Kinds Of Metals

Organizing your recycling goes a long way. That said, making more money is possible if you segregate different kinds of metals from oneanother. As it turns out, copper is more expensive than steel, aluminum, and brass. So, when you see an appliance filled with copper, don’t just sell it as it is. Remove the specific expensive kind of metal first; this way, you’ll get a fairer price.

  • Scan And Research For Different Scrap Yards

Compare prices across a variety of sites or physical stores.  In addition to price differences, how companies handle scrap varies as well. While mentioned above, it’s better to segregate metals. Some companies have a uniform price for all kinds of metals. So, talk to the company first and learn how they compute and weigh metals and scrap materials.

  • Hire A Truck

If the scrap yard you’re visiting is just near your home, then it’d be easier for you to rid of your garbage.  For large metal pieces, however, you’ll need a truck. A van with foldable seats is also possible. Make sure to compute your car rental expenses first and see if you can still get money in the end. You don’t want to waste your efforts, energy, and time over something that’ll just end up in a loss on your part. If expenses are over the profits, you may check out a link or two in order to help you choose the best professional rubbish removal service.

  1. Transform Your Old Appliances Into Something New

Another way to make money from your broken devices is to transform them into something functional or new. You can sell something you’ve made out of salvaged electronic components.

Artists have already created hundreds of dollars’ worth of art pieces from scrapped electronic devices. So, if you have the talent, skills, and creativity, you might create a masterpiece from your home’s junk. On the one hand, if you’re not that artistic, it’s fine. You can still turn such items into usable ones, like turning them into home accessories.

Old kitchen appliances in the rubbish bin isolated on white. Time to change home technics. Recycling concept. 3d illustration

  1. Fix And Resell

One obvious thing most people do when they have broken appliances is to try to get them fixed. Repairing them will yield good results since you can continue using them. If you know how to improve and change the broken parts, you can do so yourself. But, if you don’t, you can check out how much fixers charge to make your appliances work again. You may also opt to have them fixed, painted to look new again, and, then, resell.

Some resellers accept these kinds of stuff. You may also sell them online through various trading platforms or second-hand shops. Although you won’t expect to earn a significantamount of money, it’s still a viable way to transform your junk into cash.


You can make money by selling used appliances in several different ways, as provided in the article above. It’s vital to try these efforts before finally giving them up for trash. Hopefully, you can save them and have them converted to cash. Clearing and decluttering your home first will eventually allow you to proceed to other aspects that your home needs.