The Best e-Commerce Platform For Your Website


Wix and Weebly are widely used E-Commerce platforms to build websites for entrepreneurs who want to venture into online business.  Both are extensively used to build online stores reflecting a multitude of products.  Both the platforms are not only used to create websites but also offer several features and functionalities that make these platforms a complete tool for building and managing your website. The E-commerce business can really get a big lift when you get eBay bargains shipped to you over purchases that ordinarily would not have been shipped, or where shipped, would have been exorbitant, to say the least.

Now and then, new features and editing tools are added to these platforms to give them wholesome properties along with website building tools and allow the user to be able to scale businesses whenever required.

If you talk about weebly vs wix customer reviews, Wix is found to rate higher than Weebly. However, there are some Pros and Cons to both platforms.

In terms of design flexibility, Wix gives you almost complete creative freedom while being able to use the myriad of features that are part of the themes that you can use to build your website.  All the changes in these elements can be made by the drag and drop method and can be added anywhere on the webpages.  You can also create multiple web pages that can be part of a single website, focusing on a product that needs to be highlighted, creating blogs to explain about your website and the products you sell, and also being able to interact with the customers via interactive tools.

Weebly has about 70 plus ranges of themes that can be tailored to create your websites.  There is very little scope of customization compared to Wix but the process of making changes to the core elements of the themes is fairly easy.  The modifications take place in a structured manner, that is customized for both system and mobile-based applications. 

When choosing a template in Wix you have to make sure that you make the right choice since you cannot switch to a new template without starting from the beginning.  There is no provision to transfer the contents of one template to another. However, Wix allows you to make the edits with the help of the backend editor even if you are not an expert in website building. For more information, check

Now, coming to the E-Commerce tools, Wix allows you to manage your inventory, create customized emails to be sent to the customers after their purchases, or informing the customers about the abandoned products in their cart.  There are also tools available for calculating the shipping as well as the tax-related costs along with printing the labels of the store.  This functionality makes one of the favorite choices for small and medium scale and entrepreneurs who benefit from the use of these tools.

Weebly also offers a wide range of performance tools that have significant value for the price you pay at the time of purchase of its themes.  However, the backend editor related to the themes is not as well functioned as in Wix and often you have to manually intervene to make sure that you are keeping the right track of the inventory, taxes, and income that you are receiving by making sales.