Expedited Shipping?

You have goods you want to be delivered, and you want to meet and exceed your customer’s expectations. If you have to do so, it means you have to transport the goods in perfect shape and in the shortest time possible. You are right. A Global Consumer Insights Survey indicates that customers increasingly opt for faster, flexible, and reliable shipments. You don’t want to lose your customers to other players in your industry. Ensure your expedited loads get to their final destination in a timely manner with Swift Delivery’s Expedited Shipping Service.

If so, we have great news for you. Shipping doesn’t have to be a nightmare if only you can manage and overcome time constraints. Expediting shipping is the answer to your problems.

Like many other people, you might be new to this concept. So let’s look at what this concept means and answer some critical FAQs about expedited shipping. This info will help you decide when this mode of shipment is appropriate for you.

What Is Expedited Shipping 

Expedited shipping is a method of shipping freight that ensures that goods arrive at the recipient’s door set faster than standard shipment methods.

The freight company takes several measures to ensure the cargo trucks take the shortest time possible. Once, they provide trucks that hardly stop along the way. Secondly, such a company moves shipments in a single truck to cut costs, as long as the items move in the same direction and route. Thirdly, the single trucks typically have two drivers working in shifts, thus minimizing the transit time because as one driver rests, the other takes control of the truck.

How Long Does Expedited Shipping Take?

Expediting shipping cuts down the amount of time it would usually take to ship your cargo with standard freight service. For instance, if it takes five days for you to receive your goods using the traditional model, expedited shipping will take between 3-5 days to receive the consignment. Meaning you save time when you use expedited shipment.

For easier delivery and a fast experience, we recommend that consider the following:

  • Online Tracking. Ensure sure the shipping company allows you to track your freight. Through online tracking, you can establish real-time where your shipment is and hence prepare for and resolve any potential get ahead of any problems.
  • Costs. Of course, expedited shipping prices can be higher than standard rates. The best thing to do is to get the services of an online freight service provider. This type of provider can help ensure you get the best and most competitive charges for your shipment.  
  • Shipping Options. You must understand your shipping options. For instance, will your shipment sit on one or two trucks? Do you need a partial truck or a full truck? 

As explained above, the expediting shipment meaning implies you need proper preparation for an efficient and effective fast delivery.

Is Expedited Shipment Worth the Additional Cost?

Yes, if you need your cargo delivered within a strict time frame, expedited shipping is worth the added cost. Swift Delivery can expedite all shipments if the urgency is of critical importance. For instance, consider the following scenarios that help you see the need for this kind of fast delivery:

  • There’s a manufacturing deadline that requires quick inventory replenishment.
  • A medical facility requires emergency supplies and equipment.
  • Some critical machinery breaks down, and parts are needed to keep the operations going. 

The extra shipping costs in the above scenarios provide the advantages of speed, additional security, real-time delivery updates of your goods.

Reliable Expedited Shipment Service Provider in Mid-Atlantic

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