Different-sized Shipping Containers for Hire in Melbourne:

Shipping container hire in Melbourne offers a range of container sizes to accommodate various storage needs. However, choosing the right size is essential to optimize space and save money. Therefore, a lot of people struggle when choosing one. So, let’s explore the sizes available, what can fit inside each to help you make the right decision.

Mini Portable Shipping Containers:

Mini portable shipping containers are a compact storage solution. With sizes typically ranging from 6ft to 7ft in length, these containers are suitable for storing a limited quantity of items or when space is restricted. They are highly portable and convenient for delivery to tight or restricted areas, making them ideal for short-term storage during renovations or events.

8ft Shipping Containers:

For smaller storage requirements, 8ft shipping containers are a suitable choice. Despite their compact size, they offer ample space for gardening tools, seasonal decorations, or sporting equipment. These versatile containers serve personal and commercial purposes, providing secure storage solutions. 

10ft Shipping Containers:

The 10ft shipping container size is most preferable when you need more space than an 8ft container but don’t require a full-sized container. With approximately 560 cubic feet of storage space, they can accommodate household items during a move or serve as temporary on-site storage for construction projects. Besides, these easy Shipping containers are also the most affordable and balanced choice if you want long term storage for some unused furniture. 

20ft Shipping Containers:

The 20ft shipping container is the most commonly used size in the industry. With spacious 1,160 cubic feet of storage, these containers can accommodate the contents of an average three-bedroom home. They are also suitable for larger commercial goods like machinery or equipment. The flexibility of 20ft containers allows modifications to meet specialized storage requirements including the establishment of container homes. 

How To Choose The Correct Size Of A Container?

Choosing the correct container size is crucial for efficient and cost-effective storage. Therefore, this section will enlighten you with expert tips to select the perfect container size for your needs.

  • Make a comprehensive list of items and evaluate their volume to determine the appropriate container size.
  • Anticipate potential growth or changes in your storage needs to avoid outgrowing the container too quickly.
  • Measure the dimensions of your largest and bulkiest items to ensure they fit comfortably inside the chosen container.
  • Consult a reputable shipping container provider for professional guidance tailored to your requirements.
  • Choose a container size that provides enough space without paying for unused areas or requiring additional containers.
  • Select the right container size to maximize storage efficiency, making organizing and accessing your items easier.
  • If you have unique storage requirements, such as temperature-controlled or hazardous materials, choose a container size that accommodates those needs.
  • Evaluate the available container sizes and compare their dimensions and features to find the best fit for your storage needs.
  • Ensure the chosen container size allows easy access to your items, considering factors like door placement and interior layout.
  • Obtain quotes from multiple providers to compare prices and find your budget’s most cost-effective container size.


Different-sized shipping containers are available for hire in Melbourne to cater to various storage needs. Yet, each size offers specific advantages, from mini portable containers to 20ft containers. Therefore, you must choose them carefully or else you may pay an extra price or end up with lesser space that may not fit your things. 

Hence, paying special attention to size and comparative prices you can ensure efficient storage and avoid unnecessary expenses. However, if you are still confused, connect with us to get consultation according to your needs.