Take Back 2020 With a Memorable Christmas

Thismay not have been our favourite year, but it was a shared experience for all humans. It is these shared experiences that make us a family. Christmas is important because it is also a shared experience. But many people no longer love Christmas, and one of the main reasons is that it is the same thing over and over, and it can be more empty ritual than a celebration. Maybe we can change up Christmas a bit, to bring some meaning back to the season.

  • Change the Way You Do Christmas:Many people are tired of the huge Christmas bills from buying everyone a present, and the competition to be so clever. Some people have decided to just buy one gift, in some sort of name draw. Other families are doing gift exchanges and making it into a game;trading gifts back and forth until everyone gets something they like. This can be more entertaining, and a lot less expensive. If you are going to do it, make sure you let everybody know as soon as possible.
  • Buy One or Two, Family Gifts: One great idea is to combine gifts into something everyone benefits from, a family gift. Something like a new entertainment system, or a swimming pool, or time share near a ski lodge or a beach. And if that is too adult specific you can always get two big gifts, one for the kids and one for the parents. This is an investment in the family and done right, it can encourage doing things together as a family. If your ideas are beyond the budget, you could consider a Nimble Christmas loan
  • Alone Timewith Your SO: Christmas can be hard on relationships. Instead of spending time together, you can be struggling under the pressure of making everything great for everyone else. How about adding an evening away with your significant other? It doesn’t have to be a trip. It can be as simple as a nice hotel room in your city. Have a holiday with room service included.
  • Charity: If you think your family is mature enough to do with smaller gifts this year, you can suggest that you take part of the Christmas budget and donate it to a charity, that your family can choose together. It will be something you can remember from the holiday season that was purely selfless and a blessing for someone else.
  • Take a trip: If your family is the right age, maybe this year instead of all the forgettable gifts, why not consider going on a trip. Many people choose to do this, and you can be guaranteed it will be a Christmas you will never forget. You will likely have to stay in your own country this year, but there is always somewhere fun to go. Make sure you take all the precautions to stay safe.

Christmas can be the best time of the year, but traditions and habits can make it seem more of an obligation. Make this year’s Christmas something different. Start a new tradition and do something you want really to do.