5 Top Digital Marketing Agencies for Solar Companies:

For many years, solar energy companies have used outdated cold-calling to sell products or door-to-door selling. Such marketing tactics have undoubtedly brought successful leads and sales to many solar energy businesses. However, with the dawn of digitization, solar energy businesses must explore and reap the benefits offered by utilizing online digital marketing campaigns. Digital marketing can be a complex and confusing process and can be looked at as a solar-powered home.

Various strategies can be applied to generate solar leads and digital marketing can be a useful tool for solar energy companies. By choosing the right investment from a reputable company, solar power manufacturers can expect to get a huge return. 

The following are the top five digital marketing agencies that focus on generating engaging campaigns maximizing digital marketing for solar companies.

1. DIGITTO Media:
With decades of combined experiences and resources, DIGITTO Media uses cutting-edge technology to craft a specialized SEO marketing plan to produce upward results and maintain rank positions in digital marketing for solar companies. With their specialist knowledge and experience, they create goal-based marketing campaigns and identify strategies to grow and build business for solar power companies through search engines and prominent websites. Boosting online visibility and increasing sales by kickstarting marketing activities is what DIGITTO Media does best!

2. Blue Corona:
Helping businesses, such as solar power companies by using technology and the Internet to improve marketing performance and ROI is Blue Corona’s goal and mission. The foundation and first step towards improving solar power companies marketing is accurate measurement and tracking marketing analytics. Blue Corona uses tracking insights, combined with online marketing and website optimization expertise to help solar power companies get the highest ROI driving more qualified visitors to the company’s website, in turn converting visitors into leads and sales.     

3. Blue Media:
A conversion agency, blue media, boosts of providing research-driven and tailored solutions with over ten years of experience in the Solar SEO, Solar SEM, and Solar Web Design and Development domain. Against offering packaged or standardized marketing campaigns, blue media believes that every client has a different brand with uniques goals and thus, requires a different strategy. This is why they offer tailored solutions to every client.

4. Thrive:
A one-man shop that has blossomed into a full-service digital marketing agency, Thrive provides web design, social media, SEO, PPC ads, internet marketing, email marketing, content writing, and web hosting services to small and large businesses. Maintaining a customer-centric focus is a priority and they offer a variety of digital marketing services including consulting and management options. Thrive uses result-focussed innovation with personal attention while maintaining the highest quality standards.

5. Solar Marketing Experts:

Focused on customer acquisition, Solar Marketing Experts has a proven digital advertising model that has generated over 150,000+ leads over the past five years. In contracted revenue, that is an estimate worth a whooping $100,000,000+! Solar Marketing Experts not only offers digital marketing but also has a 3rd party lead program management and consulting service, that is designed to lower solar power companies’ custom acquisition costs.

To stay connected with the online social community, social media marketing is a critical element. Achieving high rankings in major search engines such as Google is a dream of every solar power company. It is important to consider the crucial elements while selecting one’s choice for a reliable, knowledgeable and reputed digital marketing agency.