6 Reasons a Lawyer May Refuse to Take Your Motorcycle Accident Case

Personal injury law companies, like any other American company, are free to turn away prospective customers as long as the reason isn’t the customer’s ethnicity, sex, religion, or any other characteristic that can be seen as discriminatory. A lawyer might decline to represent a client in a car or motorbike accident for a number of good reasons. Motorcycle accident victims must have legal representation, and if one refuses to take their case, they can always look for other lawyers.

Fewer chances of success

First, they might think you have no possibility of succeeding in your case due to various reasons, such as a lack of evidence. The great majority of personal injury lawyers take cases on a contingency basis, which means they are not paid until they obtain compensation for their clients. More significantly, a good lawyer who truly cares about their clients won’t want to waste the time of a potential client by filing a case that is sure to lose. An attorney is probably attempting to be fair and help you out if they tell you upfront that your case is weak or without merit.

The statute of limitations and lack of evidence

The statute of limitations, which is the time restriction for filing a lawsuit, has expired.You have no evidence that the other person was negligent in causing the collision, and/or you lack the proof necessary to establish your damages or injuries.

Undervalued potential value

Your case’s undervalued potential value could be another factor. If the outcome is going to result in a tiny return for you and their company, they might not want to invest their time and money in it. Similarly, if you cannot collect the jury award or settlement because the defendant has the financial wherewithal to do so, they may dismiss your case.

Conflict of interest

The possibility that the lawyer has a conflict of interest and cannot represent you in your case is one factor that is frequently disregarded. This might be the case, for instance, if their spouse works for the business you intend to sue or if they have a history of representing the at-fault driver or someone close to the at-fault driver in other legal proceedings.

Area of expertise

Injury attorneys frequently do not practice general law. In other words, the majority of them attempt to stay as much as possible inside their respective areas of specialization. Therefore, they might not be experts at dealing with specifically motorbike accidents. 

Strained relationship

Last but not least, a lawyer might dismiss your case due to a strained relationship. If you and your lawyer can’t get along, can’t communicate, or can’t agree on the fundamentals of your case or what would constitute a good end, then your litigation is likely to have unsatisfactory outcomes.


It’s important to not let the rejection of your case by one attorney discourage you when seeking legal representation. Always seek out a second and even third opinion. And don’t be afraid to ask the lawyer gently for a justification for declining to represent you. They might have dismissed your case due to a straightforward conflict of interest; if you don’t inquire, you might give up on trying to make a good case.