How to Find the Right PR Services for a New Product Launch

According to reports, there are more than 8000 registered PR agencies in the US. PR agencies play a vital role in the success of your brand. From helping build meaningful and synergic business relationships to helping minimize the impact of PR issues, the PR agency you choose will play a critical role in defining your brands’ identity and place in the market.

Choosing the right agency for public relations services is essential to build and maintain an unmatched reputation and goodwill. There are several points you may consider before selecting a PR service to collaborate with.

Client List and Experience Profile

The existing clientele of the PR service will give you an insight into how effective the service is. Get a comprehensive understanding of who the agency’s clients are, what PR issues they had to face, and how they managed the issues. An agency that has experience in successfully mitigating the impact of scandals, viral news, and social media campaigns will help you face similar situations in the future.

You could also analyze if the agency has experience addressing and resolving a wide range of issues and working with other businesses in the same industry.

Networking Ability

During a product launch, the primary responsibility of your PR service is to create a “hype” for the upcoming product. The PR service you work with should have impactful relationships with different media channels, reporters, social media influencers, and other entities that can promote your product. The PR service should also suggest appropriate strategies and solutions that will aid the product launch.

For example, designer brands like Louis Vuitton and Vero Moda hold extravagant fashion events to launch their new clothing lines. They may also collaborate with a popular magazine like Cosmopolitan or celebrities to launch their product.

An effective PR service will have contacts in all related areas of the product launch, starting from event managers to modeling contractors to media houses.

Creativity and Strategic Thinking

You could hold preliminary meetings with members of the PR team to assess their style of working. Choosing an agency that shows flexibility and responsiveness in working will aid you in the product launch. The external business environment is dynamic, and you want to choose a PR service that can craft quick strategies and intelligent solutions.

You could also try to understand if the team is capable of “thinking out of the box.” Each PR issue is unique, and there are no time-tested solutions or hard and fast rules that provide blanket solutions to every crisis you face.

The creativity level of your PR service will have a substantial effect on the success of your product launch. Working with the right PR service will help ensure your product stands out and grabs customer attention.

Reviews and Ratings

While this factor may seem obvious and over-listed, the rating of the PR services you consider is a critical point to evaluate. You could go through testimonials given by previous clients and detailed reviews posted on the agency’s website.

Compare different agencies based on their ratings. If a specific PR team has successfully managed to stand out among all its competitors, the team could probably help your brand stand out among your competitors as well.


The payment for a PR service should be like an investment and not an expense. You could consider the ROI factor by working out a few projections and estimates. By choosing the right agency for public relations services, you will earn considerable long-term returns from the product launch.

The Right PR Service for You

The PR service will help your brand grow popular, build strong business contacts and learn new branding strategies besides making your new product popular in the market. Choose an agency that showcases practical B2B communication skills and has strong connections in the industry. The team of PR experts should be knowledgeable, skilled, creative, and intuitive.