Kallaco Working Magic

Kallaco has gained its way to one of the most useful software solutions for monitoring, testing, and staying up-to-date with one’s health. The company that focuses on providing solutions to maintain workers’ and learners’ health has had tremendous success with its technological developments. Kallaco is diverse and flexible enough to serve different teams sizes; it can offer real-time services to small and large organizations.

The company upholds transparency and has ensured that every solution they offer has the same functionalities and entry to the laboratory networks built over time with a group of partners. This post outlines some of the applications created by Kallaco in a move to play a role in the comprehensive and affordable healthcare provision.

KallacoCONNECT Solution

This is one of the company’s tools to help small teams manage and maintain the health of their employees. The application is one of a kind since it has simple toggles and administration functionality with quick response. Through this application, business startups and those in the mid-level can set up helpful health management tools for the good of monitoring the health of their workers. 

KallacoCONNECT allows for customization by the user and lets them create the workers’ system quickly. After all the set-up gets done, the team can access and download the connected mobile app to manage and report health status through a log into their corresponding portal. This healthcare solution has features including health bade secure by a QR code, secured messaging feature, connected administration and user portal, both of which are web-based, scheduling tools for medical tests, and connection to National Lab Networks, among other abilities.


This is a solution for larger organizations with an extensive team of employees. The application is also viable for learning institutions. The best thing about the application is that it provides an opportunity for large institutions to manage their team, customize their system requirements, and manage various workflows. No application can compare to KallacoENTERPRISE in matters of health management of a large group of people. Every bug enterprise needs this to take control of the management of its census and health data. The platform allows for various customization abilities to deal properly will onset data and instant feedbacks instructing and providing health guidance to users of the application. The following are features available on KallacoENTERPRISE;

  • Highly developed census management
  • Advanced vaccine managing
  • Customizable temperature, health screening, and protocol management
  • Ability to incorporate virtual health solutions

In Conclusion

Kallaco is part of a tech think tank community whose aim is to transform the health sector for a better life experience. Whatever the company has done is all praises, and no reward or award can match the kind of work put in place to come up with such comprehensive high-level solutions. Amidst a global pandemic, the applications developed by Kallaco could come at the right time. Today, many people get forced to stay and work at home to avert COVID-19 infection. Many activities have moved to virtual facetime, including health care consultations and checkups.