A Guide to Entry Level Motorcycles in the UK

If your son has reached the age when he can obtain a provisional motorcycle licence and you are prepared to accept the risks of riding motorcycles, there is a lot to consider before investing in his first bike. There are numerous bike manufacturers with great 125cc bikes in all styles; Honda, Yamaha, Suzuki and Kawasaki, to name but a few and they would all be at a similar price, so it really depends on your son’s preference.

New or Used

As this will be his very first bike, second-hand would be the way to go and after a couple of years, he’ll be ready to upgrade to a bigger, more powerful machine. If you would prefer that he rides a new machine, check out the new Suzuki 125cc bikes at Wheels, a UK leading bike dealer with new and used bikes for sale. Of course, your son should have a short test ride to ensure the bike is of a suitable size and with affordable finance, it won’t put a hole in your savings.

Bike Servicing

Much like a car, a motorcycle requires regular maintenance, which the dealer would carry out at specified mileage intervals, also checking chain tension, braking and tyres. If your son like working with his hands, you could teach him about the inner workings of a motorcycle and he will eventually be able to service his bikes himself. Bikes are like cars, in as much as they need regular maintenance and here are a few tips.

The Importance of Being Legal

You should instill it in your son that the traffic laws are to be obeyed and he should never exceed the given speed limits on any stretch of road. The police have cams everywhere and you don’t want your son to be fined and have penalty points in his licence, which could lead to a licence suspension. Click here for UK bike licence information,

Book a Basic Riding Course

This is something he should do before even getting on the road and a basic course would be a one-day program that teaches the rider how to control the bike in various riding environments, plus the safest braking techniques and developing balance and acquiring some road sense. If you search online for a local motorcycle riding school, you can make the booking, take your son to the venue and watch the riders go through their paces.

Protective Gear

This is an absolute must and from head to toe, he will need the following:

  • Good quality full-face helmet.
  • Leather motorcycle jacket.
  • Leather pants or thick denim.
  • Leather motorcycle gloves.
  • Boots with ankle support.

If riding in cold weather, it is wise to wear layered clothing, plus you need a lightweight rain suit which can be stored under the seat, for quick access.

With you as his mentor, your son will enjoy the right tuition and as his riding develops, he can graduate to more powerful machines. The 125cc bike is more than adequate as a starter and after a couple of years, move up to a 300+cc mid-range bike, then the 650-750cc class awaits.