What to Wear: Dos and Don’ts for Your Church Attire

Church Attire

Church attire requires modesty, but you can still look stylish and elegant. Try a cottagecore-inspired outfit with a long-sleeved midi dress and a fitted cardigan. Add a pair of flat or kitten heels to complete the look. Avoid casual clothing, such as graphic tees or fashionable ripped jeans. Also, avoid flip-flops or worn sneakers.


Generally, it is best to avoid clothing that is too revealing or attention-grabbing. It is also important to avoid clingy fabrics that are too tight. Clothing that is too casual or sporty may not be appropriate for church attire. Classic womens church suits are a great option for women who want to look stylish and comfortable for church. Pair the outfit with closed-toe shoes, such as pumps or flats. A sleeveless floral summer dress is another great option for church outfits. Pair the dress with a cardigan or shawl for added warmth. Jeans can also be worn to church if they are not skinny and have no obvious front slits. Complete the look with a pair of closed-toe heels and a matching handbag.


When choosing an outfit for church, you should avoid clothing that is too revealing and casual. It includes ripped jeans and tank tops. Wearing a dressy maxi skirt to church is a great option for a feminine and modest look. Another accessory that can be worn to church is a hat, which should not be too big to block the view of people sitting behind you.

Cottagecore styles work intrinsically well with church attire because they tend to be modest and dainty. For example, a knee-length gingham dress looks refreshing and chic when worn with espadrilles. If you plan on wearing pants to church, consider a pair of slim-fit black pants with a crisp white shirt and blazer. You can even add a duster cardigan to your outfit for warmth. For shoes, opt for low heels or pumps rather than sneakers or flip-flops to keep your feet comfortable on marble or stone floors.

Dressy Maxi Skirt

If you go to church on a cold day, pair a long woolen coat with a dress or skirt for a classy look. Ensure your clothes are not too tight or revealing, and opt for neutral or pastel colors. A scarf or shawl in a color that complements your clothing is another option. If the weather is warm, a floral dress is perfect for church. Choose a short or midi skirt that is not too tight and can be worn with closed-toe shoes. Add a hat, scarf, and jewelry to complete the look. While some may disagree with the church’s strict fashion guidelines, most would agree that revealing clothing is inappropriate for the church. However, you can still have fun with your outfit and look stylish. So, feel free to experiment with different styles and accessories to find a church-appropriate look you love.

Decent-Casual White Pants

While wearing white pants to church is unnecessary, they can be a good choice if you’re looking for a comfortable and classic outfit. Pair them with a simple blouse and a tote bag in a solid color to keep your look clean and simple. Avoid figure-hugging white pants and opt for wide-leg styles to make them more church-appropriate. Also, steer clear of jeans and opt for dark-wash denim instead. If you want to wear a jumpsuit to church, choose a flowy one rather than a body-con fit. You can team yours with a pair of neutral sandals to keep the look stylish. Strappy heels are a great option for completing your church attire if you’re wearing a dress or skirt. Choose shoes with no more than a three-inch heel. Casual shoes like sneakers and flip-flops aren’t respectful footwear for service. If you’re wearing flats, opt for a simple ballet flat.

Midi Skirt

A midi skirt makes for a great church outfit as it is feminine and modest, perfect for attending mass. Avoid dresses that are too tight or revealing, and choose ones with high necklines instead of plunging ones. Also, some denominations or sects may have specific traditions and customs that women must follow. To wear a skirt or dress to church, pair it with classic leather loafers to add an elegant and classy touch. Alternatively, you can opt for some kitten heels, which are more comfortable than stilettos and look just as feminine. You can also wear straight-cut jeans and a matching blouse top to stay casual yet stylish. Finish the ensemble with a long coat for warmth, as churches can get quite cold. Avoid flip-flops and dirty sneakers as they are not appropriate for church services.

Strappy Sandals

If you plan to wear strappy sandals to church, ensure they aren’t too high in heels. Six-inch heels are inappropriate and cause discomfort when sitting or kneeling during services. Instead, pair them with a kitten or lower-block heels to maintain your style and comfort. Avoid shoes with flashy or distracting embellishments, such as neon yellow, pink, red, or green. These colors may draw attention to your feet and distract others from focusing on the service. Unless your church has a casual dress code, you should avoid flip-flops and worn sneakers. In addition to being too simple, these shoes can make it difficult for you to walk and stand for long periods during service. A pair of neat espadrilles or flats in a neutral color will be more appropriate for church.