5 Things to Know Before Starting a Real Estate Agency in Atlanta

Do you want to provide real estate services in Atlanta? To start a real estate agency in Atlanta you need to get a Georgia real estate license. For getting your real estate license, you need to fulfill some basic requirements. 

Although the procedure for getting a license is somewhat similar for different states, every state has its own unique steps to get it. In this article, you will learn how to obtain your real estate license in Georgia.

Get Your Real Estate License

Understanding the basic requirements for getting your real estate license is very important. You can consult Estate planning Atlanta lawyers for legal assistance. Now, read on to know the eligibility criteria before applying for the license.

  • Age Requirement

For becoming a real estate agent in Atlanta, your age must be equal or above 18 years. Again, you need to be a citizen of the United States. You need to obtain all the documents showcasing your age and citizenship as proof. Further, you must have a high school graduation certificate or equivalent educational qualification to apply for your license. 

  • Educational Requirement 

Apart from high school graduation, you need to complete the GREC course successfully. GREC (Georgia Real Estate Commission) law course is a 75-hour course. You need to complete the course before you apply for your license. This course will help you to understand your duties, role, responsibilities, etc. It also focuses on the illegal and unlawful practices that you need to avoid as a real estate agent. 

  • Criminal Background Report

Next, you need to obtain your criminal background report from the Georgia Criminal Information Center. For this, you need to visit the police and ask for your criminal history report. To get this report, you need to pay a small amount up to 25 dollars and the validity of the report is up to 60days. You need to apply for your license and bring the background report to the Professional Service Industries testing center. Make sure that you apply before the validity of the report ends.

  • License Exam and Document Verification

After you obtain your criminal background report, you need to bring it to the PSI center for verification. Again, you need to register and apply for the real estate salesperson’s exam at the GREC official website. You need to pay the exam fee of 115 dollars and pass the exam from the testing center. For appearing the exam, you need to bring the Lawful Presence Verification affidavit along with other documents. Once you pass the exam, it is valid for 12 months only.

  • Application for License

Once you pass the salesperson’s exam, make sure that you apply for the license within 12 months. Otherwise, you need to reappear the exam. Then you can apply for your real estate license from the PSI center itself. However, if you want to obtain an active license, then you need to bring a Sponsored Broker Statement Form to the center. If you don’t want to work immediately, you can apply for an inactive license and make it active later. For information on this visit the official website. 

Final Words

All of the above conditions need to fulfilled to get your real estate license. As mentioned above, you need to be 18 years or above. In addition, you must have a high school graduation certificate or equivalent education. Further, you need to pass the licensing exam and obtain the criminal background report and apply for your license. Hopefully, the above information is useful for applying for your real estate license. Now apply for your license today by visiting the GREC official website. Lastly, you can ask your questions below if you need any assistance.