Top Ten Medium Length Hairstyles For Every Taste And Needs


Medium length hairstyles for women are versatile, adjustable and generally flattering. And these are only a few of many reasons that make them so popular. Going for a mid length haircut means that you will be able to flaunt a new hair look every day, as there are a myriad of ways to style it. If you are longing for inspiration, wait no longer to explore our guide. 

Ten Most Fabulous Medium Length Hairstyles 

Because the range of medium length hairstyles is so sheer, which our website LoveHairStyles successfully proves, below we have only put together the most unique and worthwhile options for your convenience. 

A Braided Pompadour

If your locks are naturally rather thin and lack volume, you can create an illusion of a full head of hair with the right hairstyle. And that is when a braided pompadour comes into play. Those who are not very skillful at braiding can simply secure a section of hair on the top of the head with a bobby pin. Just push it forward a little bit so that it looks like a pompadour hairstyle.

A Headband Twist

Although headbands have made a huge comeback lately, you can take your hairstyle to a higher level of trendiness by twisting a section of hair in the front and flipping it over your head. Thus, you will end up with an ultramodern and unique headband twist hairstyle. 


A Shaggy Lob

A lob, which stands for a long bob, is one of those universal medium length hairstyles that you can never go wrong with. While being pretty easy to get, it offers you a myriad of styling options. To achieve a carefree and relaxed impression of your lob, style it a little shaggy. 

A Messy Bun

Buns have entrenched into our lives and do not seem to disappear anytime soon. Though, for a modern and trendy air, do not make it overly tight or polished. Instead, the messier, the better. So that it looks effortless and casual, pull out several random strands of hair here and there and let them fall loose. 

A Wavy Comb Over Bob

A recent study from LoveHairStyles shows that bobs constitute one of the biggest groups of medium length hairstyles. They can be styled in thousands of different ways and work for any hair texture and face shape. Looking for an unusual yet sophisticated approach to style your bob? Try out combed over waves. Easy to get, they will not let you go unnoticed. 


Mid Length Feathery Haircut With Blunt Bangs

Those who want to add volume and texture to their tresses should consider getting a feathered medium length haircut. Because of the way your hair is cut, it looks much fuller and more defined. To complement the look, you can add thick straight bangs in the front. 

Soft Chunky Curls

When you want to give your look a youthful and playful touch, go for a curly hairstyle. Do not make curls too taut though. Soft and breezy, they flatter absolutely everyone. Besides, the size of the curl can be as big as you like. On the contrary, big chunky curls will look even more feminine and cute. 

A Voluminous High Pony

On days when you feel like taking the hair away from your face, a ponytail is your way to go. What is more, it is pretty easy to create, as all you have to do is to pull your hair through an elastic band a couple of times. To make it look ample and pronounced, tease the hair in the front beforehand for an added volume.

An Asymmetrical Bob With Side Swept Bangs 

An asymmetrical bob is one of those medium length hairstyles that instantly make you stand out in the crowd. What can give it even more boldness and contrast is a razor cut fringe swept to the side. 

A Layered Haircut With Face Framing Strands

If your hair needs volume and structure, layering is key. It makes a haircut appear much more dimensional and thus abundant. Add some wispy strands that frame the face and you will get an unbelievably flattering mid length hairstyle. 

Should you have decided to make one of medium length hairstyles your signature hair look, we can only say go for it. With a great number of benefits they offer, you will never regret your decision. Besides, there are so many styles to choose from that you are sure to find the one that resonates with you most.