3 Easy Steps on How to Make a Compilation using PDFBear

The pandemic this year has made everything hard to do. From going to the grocery store to even hang with friends, you’ll have to do some considerable preparations just to keep yourself safe from harm. This also applies to your school or office work. With you staying at home, your usual resources won’t be readily available to you.

3 Easy Steps in Converting Your PDF Files with PDF Bear – epiexpress

Needless to say, you’ll find new ways of doing things that were normal before. You might even discover more straightforward methods to do what used to be ordinary things. Doing or making a compilation of files may be one of them. If you’re curious to learn, here are three easy steps on how to compile your files using PDFBear, a free online pdf multitool.

Gather all the Files

As the title says, you will need to collect all the documents or files you want to put in your compilation. If you have a lot of files to add, it would be best to gather all of them into one folder. Doing this will help you know if you already have everything you need before continuing with the next step.

Another thing that can help is renaming the files. By changing the names, you can make sure of your files” arrangement and order in the compilation. For example, you can rename the documents using numbers starting from one, and so on. It will follow the numeric name sequence beginning from the file named one to the last number when you sort by file names.

Convert Everything

Next is to start the conversion process. You need to convert word to pdf. Actually, you need to convert all the files you have to pdf. Converting your files to the pdf file format is essential because it can contain all of your files without modifying or changing their appearance. You’ll be able to put, in a single document, any word, ppt, excel, and even jpg file.

To start converting, you need to open PDFBear is a free online pdf multi-tool known for their conversion software. Not only can it convert different files to pdf and vice-versa, but it can also do many more things. But, more on that later. You can convert multiple files at once, so all you need to do is select the files you need to convert then download all of the newly converted files.

Merge! Merge! Merge!

The final step is to combine all of the converted files into one, all-encompassing document. Like the first step, make sure to gather all the files in a folder, be it in your hard disk or in your cloud space. Be sure to check if you have the correct names and formats for your files. Everything should be in the pdf file format for it to be compatible with PDFBear features.

Once you’re done re-gathering and rechecking, you need to open the PDFBear again, but this time you click on the “Merge PDF” feature. This option will allow you to merge and order your pdf files into one document. Drag and drop all the files in the highlighted area on the page, then click “Combine.” You’ll be able to download the single file when the process is done.


Viola! You have now made a compilation of your files using PDFBear. There are definitely other ways to collate your reports and images, and you can do those too, especially when you’re already familiar with how pdfs work and how to utilize the default software. But, what is certain here is that, by using PDFBear, compiling has never been easier.