When Is It Time To Cash Out When Gambling?

For every session of gambling, there is a time to quit and go home. But when is that time, exactly? It’s a big question, and perhaps the most important question when it comes to pro-gambling. After all, you might be cashing out too quickly, ruining the chances of a big win. Or you might be cashing out too late, essentially leaving the game with less than you could have.

The truth is that there is no precise time to leave a gambling session. It is all a matter of preference, with every gambler having to make up their own mind. On the other hand, there are a few good signs that the right time to leave the game. Let’s take a look now and learn about cashing out in gambling.

Keep in mind that this advice applies to all forms of gambling. It doesn’t matter if you’re playing slots, Roulette, Poker or Blackjack, the following advice is still applicable.

Quit While You’re Ahead

First and foremost, the idea of gambling is that you leave the game with more money than when you started. Right? It’s the most basic aspect of gambling that everyone can relate to. So; quit while you’re ahead.

But that’s a more complicated prospect than it seems. Although everyone agrees that it’s better to have more money than less, how much is enough for you to officially call it quits? $10 more than when you started? $100?

Let’s consider that everyone is going into gambling with different parameters for what enough money is. You might be a high-stakes player, or you might be hanging out with friends playing poker. Either way, how much enough money is up to you. You need to set limits, and stick to those limits. If you decide that you’re quitting after winning $100, then stick to that limit. Likewise, if you decide that you’re going to quit if you lose $50 off your bankroll, stick to that limit.

Set Your Expectations

On that same point, having realistic expectations for gambling is also important. The limits you set must be achievable, thereby giving you a target that can be hit. If you expect to walk away from every gambling session rich, then chances are you’re never going to win enough. Understand the game you’re playing, have a good idea of how much you’re potentially going to win, and walk away when you reach those expectations.

If you feel like you’re not achieving your expectations, either adjust the expectations, or choose a different game.

Keep Track Of Your Money

Of course, you’ll never even know if you’re reaching expectations if you have no idea how much money you have. It is up to you to keep track of your bankroll, manage it carefully, and bet smartly. Keep your original bankroll and your winnings separately, being sure to never lose track of which is which.

More to the point, bet according to your bankroll, and how much you can afford to lose. If you go into a game acting like you’re a high roller, only to have a modest bankroll, of course, you’re going to land up broke before long. Gambling is a game that doesn’t take into account how much you’re betting. You’ll always have the same chances of winning, no matter how much you bet. That’s why smart gamblers bet smart, regardless of the size of their bankroll.

Play The Long Game

Too many amateur gamblers think they can go in, throw down a few bets, and strike it big within a few minutes. While that is theoretically possible, smart gamblers know that gambling is a long game. If you bet smart and play carefully, your bankroll can last for a long time. A pro gamblers know that smart play tends to pay off in the long run.

As far as calling it quits is concerned, you can play for as long as you stay within set parameters. If you play for an hour and your bankroll is still healthy, keep playing.

Stay Professional

Yes, of course it’s fun to sit with friends, play Poker, and have a few laughs. But just because you’re laughing, it doesn’t mean you need to stop playing professionally. The moment you start betting for a laugh, or start betting to chase a loss, it’s all going to fall apart.

Professional gamblers know that sticking to the game, and not folding to emotions, is the right road to success. Even if your friends are playing erratically, you can keep playing smart. At the end of the day, you’ll have the last laugh when you walk away with money in your pocket.

Practice Makes Perfect

Before you’re even deciding when to call it quits in a real money game, sharpen your skills in free games. Most online casinos, like Big Dollar casino, offer Free Play mode. This means that you can practice without ever spending a cent. 

The more you practice, the better you’ll get, especially when it comes to skill-based table games. Don’t be afraid to play for free every chance you get. When it comes time to play for real money, you’ll be far more confident.

Winning Streaks Don’t Last

Wow, you’re winning, and it seems like nothing will stop the streak! But the streak will end, make no mistake. Gambling is based on odds and probability, which means that winning streaks do happen. But there is never a winning streak that didn’t end, meaning that it’s just a matter of time until you’re probably going to lose some of the cash you’re winning.

The trick is to keep your head on straight, understand that the odds balance out, and stick to your set limits. The moment your winning streak exceeds your upper limit, cash out. Yes, maybe there would have been another win if you’d kept playing. But then again, maybe not. Why tempt Lady Luck?

Stick To Your Own Rules

If you take anything away from this article, it should be that when you make rules for gambling sessions, you need to stick to them. No matter what happens, you’ll know you always played smart if you stuck to your guns and didn’t deviate from your own set limits.