Is Buying An ATV Be A Good Move For Your Farm?

ATV, short for All-Terrain Vehicles, has recently become quite popular in the industry, given the several benefits it offers. However, surveys show that it is most commonly bought by farmers. Since a 125cc 4 wheeler can be a significant investment, you should do it with precaution. 

More commonly known as quad bikes, ATVs have proved to be extremely useful on farms. They are not only versatile but also handle better than most other vehicles off-road. With quad bikes, a farmer can go off-road without much thought, drive on traverse fields and check on livestock.

In addition to that, they are also quite compatible with most farm equipment like trailers, providing the farmers with an easy and affordable way to manage their land. Such benefits have made a quad bike an irreplaceable tool on farmland. 

Questions You Should Ask Before Buying a Quad Bike

With the increase in demand and popularity of this vehicle, several new brands have launched their products. While such a varied list of options is often considered a boon, it might also confuse you and deter you from buying the right product. 

This is precisely what this article will help you deal with. This article further aims to point out a few questions you should have the answer to before indulging in a purchase. Keeping in mind these questions will ensure that you don’t buy the wrong model or find yourself in a pickle with the authorities. 

  • What Model Do I Buy?

One of the first and foremost questions you should answer is this. To any untrained eye, all quad bikes might look similar. However, that is not true. Manufacturers have put in quite a bit of effort in diversifying and offering bikes for different niches. 

While the choice is very subjective, it is best if you focus on the internal features of the bike than the physical features. The best engine composition in the market right now is a 125cc 4 wheeler. These are fast, efficient and capable of doing almost everything a higher capacity engine can. 

  • Can You Take The Quad Bike On The Public Highway?

While you will not need a license, paperwork or insurance to ride it on private land, driving on a public highway is very different. There are regulations and guidelines you need to comply with. The first thing you would need to take your quad bike on the highway is a valid driving license. 

In spite of being popularly known as ‘bikes’, the authorities treat this as a four-wheeled vehicle. This means they fall under the same category as other conventional vehicles and have to follow the same rules. 

  • Do You Need Registration Plates On Your Quad?

Registration plates are usually used for authorities to label your vehicle and make it easily recognisable. As mentioned earlier, if you are only buying the ride for using it on private lands, none of such documentation is required. 

However, if you plan on taking it on public roads, there is no way around it. Therefore, you can register your vehicle with the concerned authority, and they will send you appropriate registration plates for the same. 

With the information mentioned in this article, you can rest assured that you will invest your money in the right product. However, apart from answering the above-mentioned questions, make sure that you check the reputation and user reviews of the 4-wheeler you have finalised on.

This will ensure that you know about the longevity of the service and the customer service company. That being said, a quad bike can be quite a fruitful investment in managing your farm duties. You can find more information about the same on Alibaba Blog.