Best Personality Type for a Project Management Course

The majority of the industries today, especially the information technology sector, prefer technical abilities of their employees; number one criteria used in the hiring process. Additionally, there is always a list of required skills, such as educational background, work experience, among others, that are prioritized. In some careers, the case is different since it is not reliant on a specific set of programmed checklists. Candidates need to possess specific personality traits. Some organizations have realized that the individual’s personality trumps their skills in some instances.

There are a lot of individual assessment tools used to determine personality types, and most Fortune 100 companies have been keen to follow them. Other than the hiring process, an individual hoping to take a project management course can use these tools to determine whether their personality matches their future aspirations. Some of the traits that factor in these assessments include information organization and dissemination, ability to make decisions, team spirit, to name a few. Of all the tools and models used, the most common is the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI). Among other factors, its ability to determine the spectrum between introversion and extroversion makes it stand out.

Studying this area is mostly about working with large groups; 


Hence a good project management student needs to be extroverted. An introvert in the field will feel out of place since they cannot engage with the various people they work with to achieve a common goal. Secondly, the course requires a form of dichotomy, which will favor both the need to observe data and rely on intuition when making big project decisions. A successful project requires reliable and measurable data while knowing when to be intuitive. Third, project managers must separate their work from personal feelings and opinions to maintain logical objectiveness. This ability ensures that decision-making is not stalled or inconsistent with available data.


Those who aligns perfectly with project management

Another aspect of the MBTI traits that aligns perfectly with project management is being a meticulous planner. This characteristic means that every task and activity is well planned for, ahead of time, and followed up to ensure it meets required deadlines. The other spectrum of this trait, the free-spirit type, would not handle projects due to the risk of incomplete projects. There are many other factors needed for project managers to succeed in their field, such as the ability to be adequately technical. Students need to learn that technicality in a project is only crucial when it is relatively short term. These projects will need an expert in the field since they can oversee every aspect to ensure all activities run smoothly. On the other hand, larger projects do not require the leader or participants to be gurus. A project manager should be knowledgeable enough to understand the assignment. Otherwise, their biggest role is usually to integrate all the various people involved to work smoothly and efficiently.


Good Coordinators

Another personality trait to consider in a successful project manager is keen attention to detail, and the ability to remain organized and coordinate various activities simultaneously. These factors do not necessarily require them to be perfectionists, as that is sometimes more detrimental to the project than it is helpful. The course teaches project managers that there is some level of allowable trade-off in every activity. Sometimes it can be time and costs, or costs and quality, all which need to balance.

Last but not least, project managers need to be optimistic and lively. A good leader is well-liked and can be easily trusted by the management and colleagues alike. Communication is key in project management, hence the need for a personality that people can trust. Even in times of trouble, project managers need to remain calm and objective when dealing with all stakeholders. The biggest test for a project manager is to face challenges with a positive attitude and the belief that there will always be a solution.



This field is extremely necessary for most companies since it requires a lot of team building and roles that directly affect the organization. It may be an underappreciated role, but it is just as crucial as accounting, human resources and other departments. Therefore, it would be detrimental for a company to hire an individual based on their skills alone. It requires both their level of experience and an extensive look into their personality type to ensure the recruit can successfully meet all the demands.

It is necessary to note that there is no implication that skills are not necessary for one to be a project manager. Any individual hoping to enroll for the course needs the education, but this perhaps comes second to personality to make them an effective project manager. It is, after all, a career that requires one to be in charge of huge teams, adapt to various changes, mitigate risks and achieve great success.