Things you must know about low-top sneakers.

In today’s world, there is a noticeable rise in footwear trends or, in other words, a rise in the sneaker culture. Many people are shifting to wearing sneakers regularly for work, meetings, travel, sports, running errands etc. The most important reason is that they provide the utmost comfort. 

The popularity has urged many brands to come up with different sneakers designed for different purposes. For example, the Nike Air Jordan Low top shoes are designed for basketball players to provide a full scope of movement, comfort, traction, lightweight and friction. Similarly, many other brands also manufacture sneakers for various purposes. 

There are two types of sneakers available in the market; one is the low top, and the other is the high top. Each of these has different benefits, depending on the purpose and preference. But if you still want to understand the difference between these two and how they can benefit you, then you can refer to the following points.

The ankle complex 

One of the major differences between the low and high-top shoes is that the high top provides better support to the ankle, preventing ankle twists and injuries. So, if you suffer from ankle problems, you must buy ankle-supporting high-top sneakers for yourself, but if you are a basketball player, you must purchase low-top shoes because they will provide you with full freedom of movement. According to experts, the full scope of movement is essential for an athlete because he has to be ready for sudden movements. So if he wears high-top sneakers, it will restrict his movement, and he won’t be able to perform better. 

Many researchers claim that if an athlete does his warm-up properly and exercises regularly, his ankles will be strong enough to withstand any impact. So, it is essential to strengthening your ankle rather than restricting your movement by wearing ankle support shoes.


When a person decides to buy a pair of shoes for himself, he must be clear about the purpose so that he can find the best shoes for himself. For example, if he is a sports person or a traveller, he will need a pair of shoes that provides proper support, grip, comfort to the sole and toes, subtle height of the heel, cushion support inside, and complete freedom of movement. Many brands manufacture shoes that provide all these features making the shoes suitable for multipurpose use, such as the Nike Air Jordan low top. 

Sometimes athletes buy high-top shoes to prevent ankle injuries on the field but end up getting injured on their knees. It is because the ankle support protects the ankle but transfers the impact to the knee joints. Hence, it would be best to not depend on the support but rather think about the function of the shoes and the comfort.

Social symbol

Another primary reason for buying sneakers is the social symbol. These days, people buy shoes as a social statement. For example, Dwayne Wade wore the exceptional Black Lives Matter edition to showcase his support for the global movement. Similarly, many brands launch different sneaker models based on the existing social trend, which has become a movement. White sneakers are an example of a revolutionary trend that keeps going in full power. 

These points list some of the facts about high lop and low-top sneakers. After that, you can purchase the one that suits your preference and style. Many brands sell their shoes online, so search on the internet and choose the model after considering its features, functions, fashion, design and build.