What jobs are good for someone with ADHD?  

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) is something that affects some 800,000 Australians and the younger generation is more prone to this disorder. Many people with ADHD go on to live relatively normal lives, sometimes with the assistance of medication to level out the issue.

If you’re currently living with ADHD, are unemployed and looking to find gainful employment, you may be feeling like you have some extra obstacles to climb or get around. While this is somewhat true, there are loads of jobs on the Aussie job market that are well suited to people who have ADHD.

This article will be highlighting just some of the jobs for people with ADHD, offering a list that will at least give you food for thought and get you started. Obviously, the greatest challenge ADHD sufferers face is that of being able to concentrate for lengthy periods of time or an inability to sit still, so let’s cover some possibilities that don’t require large doses of these two attributes.

Fitness Trainer and the Fitness Industry

If you’re into fitness and working out, then you may want to consider a career in this very active and rewarding industry. As a fitness trainer or even someone who works in a gym helping out, you won’t need to be concentrating on a particular task for any lengthy periods and you’ll also get to remain active. In fact, fitness roles are perfect for someone with ADHD and you’ll remain fit and healthy by working in this industry. It’s really a win-win.

What About a Firefighter Or First Responder?

Working as a firefighter or a paramedic are two career choices that offer both variety and an active lifestyle. Many people who have ADHD tend to excel in careers that involve emergency situations. On many occasions, jobs in these fields can be intense. For the ADHD sufferer, you won’t have to be dealing with boredom through mundane tasks or inactivity. In fact, you’ll find yourself thriving in hectic and sometimes chaotic scenarios. Your natural instincts and desire to take action will be triggered and you’ll most likely know just what to do better than anybody else on the scene.

Work In a Busy Hospitality Environment

There are numerous roles you can aim for in the hospitality industry and working in a restaurant environment is just one of them. No matter what role you undertake in a busy restaurant, chances are you won’t be bored and you’ll get to be physically active for the most part.

Whether you’re out on the floor working as wait staff, behind the bar mixing drinks or busy out back in a commercial kitchen, those with ADHD tend to thrive and come into their own in jobs like these. You’ll probably become the employer’s best worker and the most active. You’ll be the person who gets things done.

Production and Factory Environments That Are Not Repetitive

Some production and factory work involves the same repetitive tasks day after day and these roles won’t suit somebody who has ADHD. On the other hand, if you can find a job role in one of these environments that offers variety and activity, then this is another area where you could truly thrive.

You might be someone who runs around supplying the various departments with the tools and materials they need, on the go for most of the day. Even driving a forklift can prove interesting, active and has its share of variety.

Choose a Job With Creativity Involved

A lot of people in Australia living with ADHD gravitate towards creative pursuits. If you are one of these individuals, maybe you could consider a creative job role that satisfies your creative urges as well as suiting your personality and ADHD disposition?

When you think about it, many jobs ask for a creative mindset, such as architecture, illustration, video game production, writing, graphic design, photography, professional video production and many other jobs and careers. Any role that’s creative is interesting and diverse in nature, so they are a good fit.

The Takeaway

Having ADHD can present certain challenges when it comes to finding a job position that suits you. The article has suggested just a few jobs and industries but there are actually many more to choose from.