Quad Bikes: The Ultimate Guide

Buying your first all-terrain vehicle (ATV) or quad bike is one of the most exciting things you can experience, especially if you’re into rides and adventures. But, if you’re just starting with quads, it can be daunting sometimes to know which gears go well with your new four-wheeler.

While quad bikes are created to cope with various terrain types, they can only be effective with the right add-ons and the right quad bike accessories. So, if you want to get the most out of your quad bike experience, here’s a mini handbook to help you achieve that:

Personal Gear

Driving in rough off-road terrain can be uncomfortable if you don’t have the proper personal protective equipment. So, to get you started, here are the essential gears you should have on your adventure:


When riding a quad bike, you should always wear a helmet that meets the necessary standard regardless of the terrain. As you know, numerous deaths associated with quad bikes have happened due to the lack of head protection. So, you can prevent these life-costing situations if you prioritise wearing a helmet all the time when going for a ride.

Safety Glasses

Face shields and goggles are essential quad bike gear for preventing eye injuries from harmful particles on the road such as dust, mud, and branches. Helmets may provide eye protection along with visors or riding goggles that are suitably ventilated and securely fastened.


You also need to wear vital clothing covering your hands like gloves and wear enough protection for your arms and legs. It’s also important to wear high-visibility vests, especially in public places.


It is essential to wear strong footwear, especially boots that reach beyond the ankle and have a firm top. Proper footwear can also prevent your feet from slipping off the footboards.

Quad-mounted Add-Ons

There are many options out there for accessorising and upgrading your ATV, but here are two of the most popular ones you should have:


The most typical addition is a rear top box, as this addition can fit snugly on your quad bike, whether you’re out in the woods camping or carrying a few goods on the road. So, if you’re going on an adventure, having storage for your things is essential, making quad bike accessories like bags and top boxes a priority. They come in various sizes and feature extra clamps and straps to make your storage even more practical. But, regardless of size, you can expect to have a firm and sturdy accessory.


Winches are affordable and useful on your ATV or quad bike. This accessory can help you out in times of emergency, like being stuck on the mud or slopes. In addition, you can utilise winches for manual work in the woods.

Survival Gears

When off-roading, equipping the ATV with onboard safety kits containing all necessary survival supplies helps keep the driver and the ATV safe. These may include ATV tools, ATV lights, and a basic first aid kit, all of which can be helpful in times of a breakdown, an emergency, or an accident.

While casual riders may be able to do without a few of these practical features, the majority of riders believe they benefit significantly from them. So, even if your four-wheeler doesn’t come with many frills, ensure you have safety equipment and always ride carefully.