4 Different styles of swimwear for women

Summer season is the swimwear season, and as the summer is just around the corner, it is time to get your hands on the best swimwear collection of 2022. Whether you plan a vacation by the beach, plan to swim in your neighbourhood pool, or plan to take swimming lessons, a swimsuit is one essential commodity required for ensuring comfort and proper enjoyment of your planned activities. However, choosing a perfect swimsuit for your body can be a daunting task, especially for those who are not aware of the intricacies involved in selecting appropriate swimsuits. So if you want to look your best on the beach or pool, continue reading and learn about the different styles and types of swimwear available in the market. 

Here are five different styles of swimsuits for women:

One-piece swimsuit

As the name suggests, a one-piece swimsuit is a type of bathing suit that is crafted from a single fabric in one piece. It provides full coverage to the breast, the tummy, and the hip area and comes with two straps going over the shoulders. Until the two-piece bikinis were introduced, nearly all swimsuits were one piece. The one-piece swimsuits are a very flattering and body-hugging type of bathing costume that looks good on almost all body shapes. Moreover, this is the most preferred suit by professional swimmers. 


The bikini or two-piece swimsuit is the favourite swim costume for women from all walks of life and is also the most popular women’s beachwear worldwide. These types of swimsuits are much more revealing than one-piece swimsuits. Today, these are available in a myriad of styles that are fashioned for every body type. The various types of bikinis are microkini, monokini, trikini, tankini and skirtini. Plus, there is a range of different top and bottom options in the case of bikinis which makes it easier for you to mix and match and make your style of beachwear perfect for your body.

Surplice swimsuit

Surplice swimsuits are also called wrap-style swimsuits. The one-piece surplice swimsuit comes with a touch of sophistication. This wrap-style beachwear comes with a cross-body design and v-neckline, which looks extremely flattering. Moreover, these bathing suits are great for hiding a slight tummy. Ladies who want to conceal their little tummy and are looking for a swimsuit that has a summer dress-fitted feel, this swimwear is a fantastic option to choose. 

Halter neck swimwear

These swim costumes come in various cuts that make them all the more flattering. Some one-piece suits come with a halter neck in which the straps tie around the neck and attach to the front of the swimsuit, leaving more of the back exposed. This is a very sexy swimsuit style that greatly supports your bust. However, you can also find swimsuits with halter necks providing maximum coverage. These are an excellent option for women with an hourglass and apple body shape. 

Bandeau swimwear

Bandeau swim costumes are the most stylish swimsuits that reflect a tropical look. Like a standard tube top, a bandeau is made from a single fabric that snugly wraps around your chest; however, some may also come with underwire support to provide added comfort while you swim. This type of swimwear is perfect for even pear-shaped and rectangular body women. It is an ideal wear for mid-bust women, but women with a small bust should avoid this style.

Now that you know the different styles of swimwear available in the market, you can figure out which kind of swimwear you need to buy, depending on your body type. However, before browsing the internet, you must know your correct measurements. For this, take a measuring tape and start taking your measurements carefully.