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Do curtain rods need to be hung on studs?

Fresh air and light are invited into your living space through the windows’, which is considered the essential part of your home sweet home.

It not only brightens the space and moods but also contributes to improving the home’s ambiance. It captivates your guests when paired with a beautiful well-hanged curtain. And hanging curtain rods on studs are considered to be essential. But why?

Why can’t screws replace studs?

You may also use screws instead of studs, but the curtain will not stay in place if you use one screw. The curtain rod also slackened after the screw came loose.

When thick curtain materials are used for ornamental purposes, the screws that hold the curtain brackets in place may loosen quickly.

The curtain rod will sag and, in some circumstances, fall off. As a result, choosing rivets is recommended to avoid the frustration of hanging curtains.

Why studs?

Unlike screws, studs are strongly connected to the walls and have great support. The walls act as the most vital supporting factor, and the studs can withstand steadily even if you use heavy curtain material.

You need not worry about curtain rods sagging or falling. This makes the studs more preferable than screws or any other choices for hanging curtains rods.

Methods to locate the wall studs

Many builders use vertical frameworks along the structure’s margins when installing doors and windows. These are used to retain doors and windows in place while also adding panels and insulation. They’re typically 6 inches away from windows and doors.

Method 1

You may use the stud finder to rapidly locate them at the corners and tops of windows and doors. When put on a stud, these little gadgets would flash red.

Method 2

Use a tiny nail and a hammer. You can detect if you’re driving into studs or drywall by hammering a nail into the wall. The claws become more difficult to push in as they pass through the bolts, making a “pop” sound.

It’s considerably easier to nail drywall, and it sounds hollow. Use nails smaller than the screws you’re using for a lasting tight fit.

Tighten the screws and tweak the mount with a screwdriver once found the stud. This concludes the discussion. But suppose you looked for it and couldn’t locate it.

When no studs are available

To hang the curtain rods, you no longer need bolts; instead, a particular wall anchor is required to support the weight. Toggle bolts or drywall anchors are the two types to utilize.

Toggle bolts

To sustain the weight of the curtain material, you’ll need a wall anchor. The most strong anchors are toggle anchors, also known as toggle bolts. Toggle bolts are used to secure drywall.

As a result, when an outward force is applied to the screw, the entire drywall, not just the weak core, resists the screw.

Drywall anchors

Drill pilot holes in drywall, doors, or tile walls using a power drill. The diameter of the pilot hole drill should be less than the anchor’s breadth.


The common question that arises in everyone who steps into the process of hanging curtain rods in their new house is, do curtain rods need to be hung on studs?

This article would have given you a clear idea of hanging your curtains with and without studs.