Look for the Right Steps for Earning Money

It’s the story of a millionaire guy at 25. Starting from nothing, he chose his profession for the money. Without doing long studies, he immediately found outlets and he realized his dream. His projects: live in the Maldives, and watch the stock market prices from his hammock by the water while a delicious creature massages his toes. Is he a happy man? The story does not say. Yet it attracts millions of people. A 2017 survey shows that young people between the ages of 18 and 30 put money as the second criterion in their choice of profession. And those who have chosen a scientific path place it first. Visit for the best results.

Are we greedy?

Personally, even replacing the delicious creature with a prince charming or a bodybuilder athlete, we think we will end up getting bored in my hammock. Not you?

It is the story of a young woman, millionaire at 25 years old etc. Try, you will see that it does not work. The image remains blurry, improbable. Our cultural conditioning prevents us from projecting women into these places. A friend who is a millionaire even once told me that women don’t like money! Of course this is totally wrong, in the polls they place this criterion in 2nd position, like men, they simply give it a little less importance than men, a little bit. By the way, what is criterion number 1, if not the money? We will come back to this later. wE think you know it, I’ll let you guess, or read this article from the world. Why do most people place so much importance on money when choosing a profession? Are we greedy?

How much does it take to live well?

The first serious argument concerns material security. A commonly shared fear is that of missing. It takes some self-confidence, or a certainty that something else more essential is holding us in order to agree to take this risk. However, it is true that one in 4 French people in 2017 declared that they could not make ends meet!

One problem is that we constantly have material wealth in front of us that we cannot access. Advertising encourages us to consume more and more, because this is what turns the economic machine, creating jobs and therefore wealth to buy more and more. Discovering these objects sometimes invented expressly to tempt us, we believe that ‘ we need them. We start to miss them, and the more we hear about them, the more we see them, the more they become an obsession. 

Until the act of purchase

Then it starts again, endlessly. So if the entire population had the ideal income mentioned above, it is very likely that very quickly we will consider that it is no longer sufficient. In reality, money is a necessary condition, but absolutely not a sufficient one, for enjoying life. Other conditions must be met, and they affect us all, to varying degrees.