Top Link Building Strategies in 2021

Do you want to improve your website’s visibility and rankings and be on the first page of SERPs? If yes, then link building is a mandatory technique for your website. Whatever your domain is, the only key to enhancing your website’s visibility in the search engines is through Link Building.

There are several techniques, how do you find the right one for your business?

Here are some practical ways to rank higher in search engines:

Robust Keyword Research

Strong keyword research can set the foundation when you’re building links. So, before you start strategizing publishing your content online, you need to know which anchor texts will be best for the campaign.

You must hire a good SEO agency to help you in your digital marketing initiatives. In fact, they will offer theBest Link Building Packages in USA. They will identify your top-performing keywords and map them to suitable landing pages. It will help you broaden your anchor texts when you start building links. They will accordingly provide you with topic ideas when pitching guest posts to websites.

Social Media

Social media platforms are still effective and relevant to build backlinks. It is important for every brand to carry out social media marketing to promote products, services, and solutions. But in addition to just blindly promoting your products, you can build links on the social media pages for better results. This can be done by sharing new content, images, or updates.

If your posts featuring on your social media handles are effective and engaging, your subscribers will share your posts with others on your platform. It will ensure that the links integrated with the services can be offered to other people checking their feed. Hence, the possibility of increasing your website’s traffic will be easier and successful.

When you hire a good SEO agency such as, they will strategize a successful social media marketing plan for your brand and boost your digital returns at very low costs.

Forum Participation Is Important

Forums related to your domain are a good option for link building. You can register to your niche forums and answer questions posted by people. While answering the question, add a link to your website, most links will be no follow.

Remember to add a valuable and relevant post or article link, instead of adding a worthless link that is not related to the topic at all.

It is not necessary to always add a link always while answering questions. When you don’t add a link, what you have gained is reputation, people will start recognizing your expertise. While other times you add a link with the answers directing people to your website.

It is highly recommended to avoid spamming and answering questions that you do not have adequate knowledge about, else you can get banned from the forum.

There are several forums, all you need to do is to search the right one for your brand and start showcasing your domain knowledge to people who are looking for insight.

Chart Out Content Marketing Initiatives

A successful content marketing strategy revolves around an outstanding piece of content with relevant and valuable keywords. It attracts natural links that any other link building effort.

Without a doubt, content marketing campaigns take more time to develop and show results, but the effects are long-term when done correctly.

The best part of content marketing is that such initiatives give results that continue to grow long even after the campaign has stopped.

The digital platform depends on the content created by websites. Unique, error-free, and exceptional content is the backbone. But not knowing how to place it on the internet can fail your attempts of ranking high in search engines. Good SEO Agencies such as are the perfect partners who spearhead your campaigns and help you become the ‘Numero Uno’ in your industry.

Quora Answers Help Building Links

Quora is a good platform to establish your brand authority. You can either ask, answer, or share your knowledge with others. The principles are similar to that of forums. You can answer in detail and place a link. But be sure not to spam.

Quora is a simple platform that allows you to find dozens of relevant (to your niche) questions by just typing a keyword. Filter questions by topics, or author and start answering them.

You must really focus on answering questions related to your niche and help people. The backlinks to your posts will be getting visitors to your content from people reading your answers – that’s a bonus.

Try Influencer Outreach

Influencer outreach can be tied up with other blogger-outreach tactics, such as email or social media outreach. It is not simple or easy by providing a write-up on a popular blogger’s website and obtaining the links you desire from them. You need to provide a value proposition to the influencer to get them to link back to your client’s website.

A profitable influencer outreach consists of the following:

  • Unique, outstanding content.
  • An email clearly explaining your proposition to the influencer.
  • A mutually benefiting relationship with the influencer.

What Types of Links are Good?

If you want to know the value of link building, you must know if the link you want to acquire is valuable. You need to be sure that you are building the right links. A significant part of this process is to stay abreast with the search engine trends. Here are a few link types to consider when you are building links for your business.

  • .com Links
  • .gov Links
  • .edu Links
  • .org Links
  • Industry Links
  • Press Release Links
  • Editorial Links
  • Guest Blog Links
  • Author Bio Links on Guest Blogs
  • Internal Links
  • Country Domain Links
  • Links from Authentic Reviews


Backlinks can kickstart your SEO initiatives and help you reach your desired goal of appearing on the first page of search engines. But the real test is to identify how to best implement expert strategies.

Although listening to every expert is not important, because as a brand you will understand what works best for you. What others say doesn’t work, may do wonders for your brand. So, follow a nuanced approach with more expertise in the implementation of the strategies.