Beaches in Puerto Escondido

This place located in Mexico consists of a lot of beaches. These beaches are tourist attractions and are used by both residents of the place and tourists for various activities like surfing, picnics and even football. Anyone who plans to spend some time in Puerto Escondido Mexico should definitely make it a point to visit these beaches to enjoy the amazing environment and have a great time. Mentioned below are some of the most attractive beaches which you should not skip from your travelling plans.

Which are some of the beaches you must visit in Puerto Escondido?

  • Zicatela Beach – This beach in Puerto Escondido, Mexico is famous for the surfing competitions that it is a host to every November. Competitors worldwide are attracted to this beach on such occasions. A lot of international surfers and body boarders find their way to this beach during mid to late summer because of the waves that break here. This beach is so suitable for such activities that even international competitions like ESPN X Games, and the MexPipe Challenge have been conducted here. The width of the beach is around fifty to hundred metres with a length of around four kilometres with high waves of around sixteen metres. There are professional life guards posted on this high risk beach for your safety. You would also find the tourist district catering to surfers, for instance, some offers on surfboard rentals.
  • Playa Principal – This beach lies west to Playa Marinero and fronts the proper town. This beach has boats and water taxis which are anchored close to the shore. In the early mornings, fishermen come here to sell their catch to the nearby restaurants and families. This beach is the place from where you could get on boats to visit some islands or look at certain creatures like marine turtles and porpoises. Sea turtle, known for their graceful presence, often nest on beaches and can be seen swimming near the shore. This beach is widely chosen by Mexican families as a perfect location for picnics or playing soccer.
  • Playa Marinero – With the lesser surf and rip currents than the previously mentioned beach, this beach is perfect for swimming. This lies over the El Moro rocky outcrop to the west of Zicatela Beach. The surf here is quite gentle. This is suitable for the beginners in surfing and body boarding.
  • Puerto Angelito and Manzanillo – These twin beaches are located to the west of Playa Principal. Being on a sheltered cove, these beaches are safe for swimming. The Manzanillo Beach has a bit more surf than the other beach. There are multiple family owned restaurants in open air thatched structures called palapas. The colour of the water in these beaches ranges from emerald green to turquoise blue. Angelito Beach sees a lot more visitors than the twin because of the lack of road access in the latter.
  • Playa Carrizalillo – Further west to the above beaches is this white sand beach with cobalt blue water edged in light green. The beach has no vehicular road connected to this beach but has a rock stairway installed recently. This beach is around fifteen minutes walking distance away from the town. This beach could also be accessed by a water taxi from Playa Principal. As a result of the difficulty in accessing this beach, it remains relatively less crowded than the other beaches. This beach is also famous for snorkelling because the bay is a habitat to a large variety of coral and fish. The Rinconada which is a former landing strip is near this beach and is lined with various restaurants, salons and stores and even a library.


Besides these beaches, there are other undeveloped beaches in Puerto Escondido. The beaches in this place are perhaps the best places to get the feel of the life and people in the area.