Valiant Comics To Bring Their Universe Into The Video Game World

When Dan Mintz of DMG Entertainment took the helm at Valiant Comics a couple of years ago, we knew he had big plans for the Valiant universe – including a big-screen debut with Bloodshot in March. Mintz stated right away that he wasn’t going to shake up any of the characters from the world’s third-largest comic book character library. That being said, he still planned on a stronger, different kind of storytelling that had the ability to crossover into different platforms. Moreover, for a variety of comic book collections, check out collectibles stores near me.

After releasing Bloodshot and setting the foundations for a new Harbinger film, Valiant is taking another step towards bringing their comic book universe to life. Yes, that’s right – they’re making a Bloodshot video game. 

Valiant has partnered with Australian based Blowfish Studios for their move into the video game world. Blowfish Studios has developed and published games like Siegecraft VR and The Deer God, and they’re also developing an occult adventure game Nine Witches

The Valiant/Blowfish duo is a nice match. Blowfish’s head of publishing Micheal Bolden has been a fan of Valiant comics since he was a kid, telling Hollywood Reporter he’s “always been a fan of characters like Ninjak, Bloodshot, and X-O Manowar… Valiant’s universe presents a wealth of unique characters and rich stories that we look forward to introducing to fans as an interactive experience worldwide.”

The details on the Bloodshot game are scarce, and it’s still unclear whether the game will revolve closely around the film or stand alone with its own unique adaptation of the story. There’s also been no mention (as of yet) of whether Vin Diesel will be involved. 

With Blowfish Studios already developing Bloodshot, Micheal Bolden is already brainstorming ideas for future Valiant games after its release, signaling the likelihood of a longterm partnership between his studio and Valiant. 

After Bloodshot hits the shelves, Valiant has stated it plans for releasing games revolving around Ninjak, X-O Manowar, and potentially Shadowman.  

Dan Mintz of DMG told HR that he was excited to bring the characters of the Valiant Universe to life in an interactive experience, stating that the characters had real potential to become “anchors in pop culture”. 

This actually won’t be the first time that one of Valiant’s characters has entered the video game world. The massively successful Turok series went on for 13 years between 1995 and 2008. Turok, the first-person shooter and dinosaur hunting game, had a run of 6 different games on a myriad of different gaming systems. 

So although this isn’t Valiant’s first rodeo in the video game industry, it will be the first since Valiant entered its new chapter with Dan Mintz heading the company. DMG Entertainment, Dan Mintz’s company, acquired whole ownership of Valiant Entertainment in 2018, having already owned a 57% stake in the company. 

The move to make multiple video games is true to Mintz’s original intentions for Valiant to find its own identity, its own path, and to stand out from the “Big 2” in a big way.