15 Types of Footwear Every Woman Should Have

When it comes to Women’s footwear shopping, there is so much to consider. What type of outfits will it go with? Is the heel too much or not tall enough? There are so many options like women’s sneakers, flats, pumps, etc., that the choice can overwhelm you. So, if you are about to go shoe-shopping, here is a list of footwear that you should have in 2021:


Whether you want a casual shoe for a girl’s day out, formal shoes, party footwear, or date-ready shoes, pumps are a perfect choice. These are the most flexible footwear options for women. Just buy a colour that goes with everything, and you will have footwear for all your outfits and all the occasions.


Stilettos are thin high heels that can be a blessing or a curse. The shoes have a style that can be used for a formal look or a glamorous look. However, these types of heels are usually expensive.

Kitten heels

These are short and slender heels, ranging between 1.5 to 1.75 inches. There is a slight curve that sets the heel in from the shoe’s back edge. Kitten heels are the top choice for many power-packed women like Hilary Clinton, Michelle Obama, and Audrey Hepburn.

Ankle booties

This is a staple in winter wardrobes. Until the 1970s, boots were not considered to be high fashion footwear. Today, these are quite popular choices of formal shoes for women.

Ankle strap heels

These types of footwear were popularized during the 1920s. They featured a pointed toe and a strap reaching toward the ankle from the flat belt, circling the ankle to the centre of the toe—some debate on using this footwear for formal occasions.


Wedges are defined by the single piece of material that serves as the heel and the sole. The sole is much thicker at the back than the front, which gives it the style of a high-heeled shoe.


Women’s sneakers, rubber shoes, gym shoes, athletic shoes are trainers that can be hard to tell apart. But, trainers are the ones that have been designed for a specific activity or a sport.

Cone heels

This shoe is wide at the point where it connects to the sole’s shoes and then narrows significantly to a point where it reaches the ground. They are unique and different shoes that are commonly worn with flirty, fun dresses.

Gladiator sandals

These are T-strap sandals with many straps that run across the front of your foot. They are the most flexible and comfortable type of shoes for women.

Gladiator boots

These are a mix of two types of shoes – boots and gladiators. They are comfortable as well as stylish.

Slingback heels

This type of footwear is characterised by a strap cross behind the ankle or heel. These are classy pairs of shoes that belong to your formal shoe collection.

Ballerina flats

Ballerinas, ballet flats, or dolly shoes are the type of footwear inspired by the soft ballet shoe. There is only a small heel with closed toes that creates the appearance of no heel.

Open-toe sandals

These are simple and easy-to-breathe sandals that are best for wearing in the summer.


Platforms have a thick sole ranging between 3 to 10 cm. The heel is raised higher than the foot’s ball. If you are clumsy, these shoes might not be the ones for you.

Peep-toe heels

These types of shoes have an opening at their toe box that allows your toes to show. These can be used as party wear or formal wear. 

These were some of the must-have types of footwear in your collection, from women’s sneakers to stilettos. With them, you will have something for every occasion and every outfit.