5 Livestock Farming Business Ideas For 2022

Cattleman moving cow calf pairs to new pasture on the ranch

Livestock farming is almost always a good business idea, given how it centers on people’s needs. Households need livestock products, that’s for sure. Perhaps, you live on a farm, or you’ve studied livestock. In such a case, livestock farming can be a good business venture to consider and invest in. 

However, as specific as this sector may seem, it’s important to note that there are many different livestock farming ideas to start with. And each has its pros and cons, so ultimately, the choice lies in your hands.

To start, the best and most profitable livestock farming idea depends on various factors, such as the equipment you already have or still have to procure, your knowledge of the specific livestock, and even the capital you have ready for your livestock business. Because much like any startup, you have to be certain you’re making the right choice on which business idea to start.

So, get your livestock farming business off the floor with these five business ideas for 2022.

Dairy Farm Business

When you first think of livestock businesses, without a doubt, one of the first things that come to mind is dairy farming. After all, dairy products are almost always universally needed across households, from kids to adults alike.

Generally, the most straightforward type of dairy farm business would be milking fresh milk. The process is a lot less technical and labor-intensive compared with other dairy products that need to go through more processing.

If you’re keen on starting a dairy farm business, here are some tips to guide you:

  • Develop a business plan and a SWOT analysis, as you would with any other type of business.
  • Consult the experts always, even if you may have grown up on a dairy farm with your parents or grandparents.  
  • Get professional training, even if you have a substantial idea on the matter already. That way, you can be certain you’re equipped with sufficient knowledge. For instance, you’ll know which equipment to have, which watering troughs work best and how many farmers use these, for instance.

Chicken Business

Even before chicken meat earned its spotlight, chickens have always been known and in demand for their eggs. For starters, farming chicken eggs to sell will always be a no-fail. The constant laying of eggs by chicken layers can be a profitable business even for small-time business owners with a slim capital startup.

Nowadays, you can boost your chicken business by selling organic meat and eggs. In fact, the market for organic chicken is strong, given the current trend for healthy living. Selling organic products means all your chicken meat and eggs are chemical and antibiotic-free. So, if you’re feeding chicken feeds, those should also be organically sourced. The market for organic chicken is strong, given the current trend for healthy living.

Goat Farming

Next to cows and chickens, goat products are also earning a market today. So, if you’re planning to sell goat’s milk, it can be a venture worth trying, considering that some households are opting to give it a try for all the health benefits it promises to bring. 

In addition, if goat meat is starting to get popular where you’re from, then selling it can also be a good business idea. Some households consider goat meat, too, as an alternative to pork, for instance.

One of the best things about goat farming is it’s also one of the cheapest to start. Because goats are smaller compared to other livestock, you won’t need as big of a space to keep your goats. And depending on the investment you put in and the availability of a strong market plus your ability to market your business, the potential for a fast ROI can be generally strong.

Bee Farming

While not ‘livestock’ per se, industries that still talk of farming livestock and other animals always have bee farming on their list. This fact is primarily because of the demand for healthy and pure honey. Bee farming is also relatively easy to develop, even right in your own backyard.

Locally-sourced honey and beeswax are good products to sell. You can either package your goods in specialty products, for gifts, or even in your local and weekend market. In addition, another profitable idea for bee farming is to rent it out to other farmers to help them with pollination and for their crops.

Fish Farming

Lastly, the fifth idea also may not be strictly livestock per se, but it also tops the list of the best livestock farming businesses to start this year. 

If you live in an area close to a body of water, fish farming could certainly be a good choice. 

However, if you don’t live near a body of water, you can still start such a business idea, but with the need for more sophisticated artificial aquariums. But apart from fish, crabs, shrimps, and prawns are also good choices. Just be sure you’re able to do a thorough and good market study, so you can understand and ensure a steady local market.


The business ideas above are only a few of the profitable ideas you can opt for when planning to start a livestock farming business. Ideally, it should help get the ball rolling if you’re still searching for different ideas. 

Ultimately, the success of your livestock farming business still depends on the effort you put in, your expertise, the hard work and dedication, and the local market. Moreover, you have to love livestock for you also to understand more about the animals. When the interest and capital are there, 2022 might just be the year for you to finally make those livestock entrepreneurial pursuits a reality.