5 Essential Marriage Lessons From a Divorce Lawyer Who’s Seen it All

Divorce is never an easy process. It is time-consuming, expensive, emotionally-harrowing, and traumatizing to some extent. For some people, divorce seems to be the best option, while some have few reasons to go through one, but still, end up in one. 

Being in the “frontlines” of a divorce proceeding, some lawyers have seen it all and can provide excellent advice when it comes to marriage and how to avoid ending up in a messy divorce. 

  1. Voice Out. This does not mean you raise your voice in an argument, but voice out your needs and wants in the marriage. Whatever nature, letting your spouse know what you need is vital because he/she is most probably not a mind-reader. While some spouses might have a 6th sense of what their spouses need, this does not work 100% of the time and there are times when communication is needed.
  2. Pay Attention to the Little Things. A divorce most often does not come from one big blow to the marriage. The little things that snowball into bigger issues are often the triggers for a divorce. Couples should listen to each other and work out their little issues before they grow into big ones that are often irreparable at that point.
  3. Talk About Money. Some couples have too much money, some have too little. Either way, divorce lawyers for men often advise that it is essential for couples to discuss the status of their finances, be it good or bad. Couples who have too little money can work together to maintain their finances, and couples who have too much money should both be informed of the finances even if they do have separate accounts. 
  4. Watch for Red Flags. While this advice is more practical for couples who are just about to get married, it still applies to married people. Some think that marrying the person will change the “bad things” and clear away the red flags, but this is simply not true. A person will change if and when he/she wants to, not because he/she is married. The red flags will remain as red flags and if these are things that can be “fixed,” it is better to deal with them than wait for them to go away. Otherwise, it will be better to get out of the relationship or marriage.
  5. Talk about Issues. Most people think that only women have issues in marriage. This is mostly because women are the most vocal, and the men tend to hide their issues. Divorce lawyers for men would advise that husbands not shy away from talking about their own problems with their spouses. If therapy is needed, lawyers advise clients on taking them in order to see if they can help save the marriage. 

While there are divorce lawyers who would pounce on the chance to take clients, some divorce lawyers do believe that marriages can be saved and would advise clients to step back and think things through before plunging into the entire process. Taylor & Lassen are seasoned lawyers who provide assistance for families or individuals that may be going through difficult times in their lives. They provide holistic solutions to the issues of today and aim to prevent these issues from having greater effects in the future. Taylor & Lassen is ready to help individuals and families face their legal needs and create strategies for the future of their clients. learn more about divorce lawyers for men here