Here’s why every importer needs a reliable customs broker

Are you planning to import commercial products for sale in the US? Importing is a lucrative trade, and while there are big companies, there is enough room for small businesses and importers to thrive and survive. Before you get started, you are required to take a few major decisions, one of which is about knowing the process, regulations, laws and norms of importing. Most importers rely on known customs brokers, such as Clearit USA Amazon freight forwarding, for their business. In this post, we are sharing more on why every importer needs a reliable customs broker. 

  • Because international trade agreements are complicated. The economic strategies and global practices related to international trade are constantly changing. As an importer, knowing all aspects of international trade regulations is critical for your business, but it is also almost impossible to keep up with the changing norms. That’s where a customs broker is handy. Licensed by the CBP, customs brokers can ensure that your business is in sync with applicable trade laws and regulations. 
  • Because compliance and payment of dues are musts. Your importing business has to ensure that all regulations, laws and norms set by the CBP are followed, without any room for errors. Your customs broker works on your behalf, applies necessary tariff codes, and pays the dues, including custom duties and other costs, and ensures that your company never runs into commercial importing compliance issues. 
  • Because you want help with business expansions. As you explore more of the importing business, you will need help with selecting countries to trade with, product categories, and other relevant aspects. Most customs brokers also double up as consultants, offering information and assistance to clients, on importing and how a major decision can impact their importing game. 
  • Because you don’t have the time. For many importers, customs brokers are must-have services, because they don’t have the time and expertise to work with CBP. If there is an audit coming up, your importer will help with that, as well, and you can expect to get work done without using your internal resources. 

It should be mentioned that hiring a customs broker for importing is not mandatory, but when you want to simplify importing and international trade, you definitely need experience and expertise on your side. Just look for a commercial customs broker with credible history, find more on kind of shipments they deal with, and how they can specifically help your business.