5 Affordable Tips to Redo Your Kitchen Cabinets

Every few years or so, remodeling or redoing an outdated kitchen is a good idea, especially if repairs are necessary. But like any other remodeling or repair undertaking, this can be quite expensive, and getting deals and savings is very much welcome for any homeowner. Here are a few tips on how to redo your kitchen cabinets on a budget. 

  1. Check on the quality of your kitchen cabinets. If they are made of good solid wood, then you can save big bucks by not replacing them entirely and just updating on the already existing structures. Re-staining the wood or giving it a new coat of paint will give life to your cabinets while preserving the quality. 
  2. Add new fixtures. Replacing the door pulls or handles can make a huge difference in your kitchen cabinets. Adding more details can give a fresh new look to the outdated cabinets. Installing roll-out shelves can also be a more affordable upgrade than stripping everything out and starting from scratch. Refacing with glass panels is also another way of upgrading the cabinet looks and design without breaking the bank. 
  3. Go for DIY peel-and-stick adhesive backing. This one might be a little riskier since there is a chance of ruining the finish on the wood, so this might be more advisable for those with kitchen cabinets that are not so expensive but still functional. The adhesive backing can be less expensive since you can replace the patterns more frequently, depending on the season and the design you prefer. 
  4. Use lighting. Mood lights can do wonders not just for the cabinets, but to the entire kitchen as well. Taking advantage of different lighting designs can play on the color combinations of the walls and cabinets and fixtures. Adding lights can also make it look like you remodeled the entire kitchen and not just the cabinets and fixtures. 
  5. Visit warehouse centers. Surely there are good deals on cabinets inside warehouse sales. Some might not be of the latest designs, but can still be fashionable and functional depending on your preferences. Since the designs available are not the most recent, the prices are lower and you can save big bucks on your kitchen cabinet remodeling. 

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