Why Do You Need a Lawyer If Charged with Assault in Houston

If you are charged with assault in Houston, there are chances of severe penalties that can include thousands of dollars in fines, life imprisonment, or even the death penalty for the crime in question. The Houston assault lawyer you hire to represent you will fight for your defense, and it could be a life-changing decision for you. 

You need to seek professional help in such severe matters because the Texas laws are stringent regarding misdemeanor and felony assaults. Here are the reasons why you need a lawyer when charged with assault in Houston:

Your Lawyer is Experienced

Your lawyer has experience with the district attorneys, judges, and juries and how they evaluate such cases. They will use his expertise to negotiate with the prosecutor and have your charges reduced. They have resources and legal tools to ensure that any previous records are kept off the trial so that they do not hamper your future. 

Your lawyer is also experienced in dismissals, acquittals, and alternative sentencing options, and their expertise will help you in the best possible ways.

Lawyer Will Demand a Fair Trial

The Texas laws state the right to a fair trial to the person convicted with assault, and your lawyer will demand a fair trial for you as provided by the laws. They will be by your side and fight for your constitutional rights. After the accusation by the opponent party, the police might immediately take you into custody, and you may feel helpless at this point. 

Your family can also select a lawyer to represent you in court. The lawyer will make sure that you get all the legal help in the case, and none of your rights are altered. They will help you and your family to get the justice you deserve.

Cover the Relevant Evidence and Details

You may not be aware of any tiny detail that will directly help your case, but your lawyer does. Your Houston assault lawyer knows their way around the defense tactics and what evidence is admissible in the court. They will gather all such evidence on your behalf and solidify your defense. 

They will go out of their way and take the help of local resources like local Houston news channels, the police, or any localities to investigate your case. He will also gather essential witnesses and their statements. They will cover the tiniest details you might have overlooked and build a solid defense against your case. 

Lawyers will fight your defense based on these facts and evidence. They will also question the accusing party and cover all the necessary details from their end too.

Prove You Non-Guilty

Charges for committing violence are called a battery, and battery and assault can sometimes be charged together. The assault may also be charged as threatening a person verbally or through the internet. 

There are misdemeanor and felony levels of assault. The assaults categorized by the Texas laws are – Aggravated assault, Simple and Domestic assault. The penalty will depend on the type of felony or misdemeanor. The defenses against these assaults are mainly built on –

  1. Denying the assault, .i.e., disputing the happening of assault in the first place.
  2. The ‘assault’ occurred while you were protecting yourself or someone else from bodily harm, .i.e., defending someone else’s or your life.

Your lawyer will ensure that the defense tactics against the charges are based on solid evidence that shows self-defense or non-happening of the assault, thus proving you non-guilty.

Never attempt to fight for yourself in the trial. Taking the services of a Houston assault lawyer will be a sound decision on your part for your future.