Things that your Atlanta personal injury attorney can help with!

When you are in a complex situation, you would ask for advice from someone who is knowledgeable and experienced. If you suffered an injury because of someone’s fault, your immediate point of assistance should be a lawyer. Every year, hundreds of car accidents and personal injury incidents are reported in Georgia, and a lot of victims do not ask for compensation, often because they are unaware of their rights. Talking to an Atlanta personal injury attorney can be incredibly handy for determining the course of action. In this post, we are sharing more on what an attorney can do for you. 

  1. Know your rights. The biggest reason why you need a personal injury attorney is to know your rights. Georgia is an at-fault state that follows comparative negligence rule, which means that if you had a role in the accident, your share of compensation would reduce by that much percentage. 
  2. Reviewing your claim. Sometimes, an insurance claim may not have the worth to be accepted, and a good lawyer can guide you on that. Keep in mind that establishing liability in personal injury cases is not always easy. Talk to your lawyer in depth about the possible outcomes of the claim, and if there is scope for a lawsuit. 
  3. Dealing with the insurance company. Insurance companies will do their share of investigation to determine fault, and based on the evidence, they will make an offer to the victim. Insurance claims adjusters would want to reduce their financial burden, so the amount is likely to be less than what you deserve. All your personal injury attorney to take over and handle things for you. 
  4. Filing a lawsuit. It is quite possible that the eventual compensation offered after all negotiations isn’t enough for your suffering and losses. In such cases, your personal injury attorney will advise on filing a lawsuit against the party at fault, for which they will handle all the formalities and negotiations. 
  5. Investigation on your behalf. Establishing liability, like we mentioned, isn’t the easiest thing. Your lawyer is expected to review all facts and look for evidence that will build your case. 

Having a lawyer by your side can also ease your stress. Atlanta has some amazing personal injury attorneys, who often work strictly for plaintiffs and will ask for compensation, if they win a settlement. The first meeting with an attorney is usually free, so do consult first to know more.