Meeting an employment discrimination lawyer in Austin? Ask these questions!

Discrimination at the workplace, because of someone’s race, gender, pregnancy, religion, disability, and sexual orientation, is unlawful and shouldn’t be tolerated. There is also the case of retaliatory discrimination, where an employer discriminates against someone, because they complained or reported something. Every year, a considerable number of workplace discrimination cases are reported in Texas, and the good news is there are law firms that fight for the rights of executives and employees alone. If you are meeting an employment discrimination lawyer in Austin for the first time, here are some questions to ask. 

  • Do you think my case will hold?

Just because you believe that you were treated unfairly by your lawyer doesn’t mean that you have a discrimination lawsuit. Talk to your attorney about what they think of the situation, and if filing a lawsuit is worthy, because you need enough evidence to prove the matter. 

  • How long have you been practicing as an employment lawyer?

First and foremost, make sure that your employment lawyer is board-certified in Labor and Employment by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization. Secondly, enquire about their experience and expertise. If an employment lawyer has been around for years, they will have many clients and shouldn’t have a hard time providing references. 

  • Do you just represent employees, or employers too?

This is one of the most important questions that you can ask. You need to know if the employment lawyer works exclusively for workers, employees and executives. This is because you can expect these law firms to be more empathetic towards your situation. They are likely to have more experience too. Also, ask the lawyer about the percentage of their practice that is dedicated to employment law.

  • Do you take cases against large corporations?

Not every other employment lawyer has the experience, understanding or skills, to fight against large companies and brands. You need to know if the lawyer has worked for clients working for such corporations, so that you can evaluate their expertise better. 

  • Will you work on a contingency basis?

For personal injury lawsuits and selected other areas of law, attorneys always work on a contingency basis, which means that they get paid if they win. However, when it comes employment law, a lot depends on the facts of the case. However, this is a question worth asking. 

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