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“Where Should I Install My Smoke Detectors?”


Smoke detectors are an important part of home safety. We have all seen the commercials on TV, and we know that they save lives. It’s not enough to just have one or two smoke detectors in your house though; you need them strategically placed throughout your house so that they will be able to detect a fire as soon as possible. The question is: where should I put my smoke detector? 

You know the old saying about not being able to put smoke detectors on the ceiling. But why? It’s because when there is a fire, gravity pulls the smoke downwards and into lower parts of your house where it can cause more damage. And what about those fancy new types of smoke detectors that you hear so much about – do they need to be installed in a specific place for them to work correctly? In this blog post we will talk all about installing and maintaining your home’s smoke detectors!

  • Basement

You know that space under your stairs, or in the basement? That place where you’re probably storing a bunch of junk for no good reason because it’s inconvenient to take up all those square feet with more stuff. Well guess what: It’s just as important as any other room and needs smoke detectors too!

One thing people often forget is their basement (or wherever they store unwanted items). This can be considered one of the most overlooked spaces in our homes but also has some very valuable qualities about it—namely safety measures such as fire alarms.

  • Bedroom

Not only is the bedroom where we spend a third of our lives sleeping, but it’s also typically one of your most expensive pieces in any house. So protecting this room with fire and smoke alarms should be something that you put on top priority when furnishing or designing for your new home.

The bedroom can feel like such an intimate space – perhaps because many people take refuge to sleep during some much-needed alone time after hectic days spent at work or raising kids all day. But there are other reasons why the bedrooms deserve as much protection against fires as possible; not just so every night turns into sweet dreams rather than nightmares! Protecting this important room from dangerous flames could save lives if anything were ever to happen while you’re asleep. 

  • Kitchen

The kitchen is the hot spot in every home. Everyday, it’s filled with pots and pans that can easily cause a fire if not watched carefully. There’s cooking, baking, and boiling happening everyday in this space making it one of the most dangerous rooms to be inside when there’s danger lurking around outside such as fire or smoke. That’s why smoke detectors are so important for this part of the house. 

  • Attic

The attic is the most important part of your home to install a smoke detector in because it houses old items that we rarely visit. This means there’s higher risk for fire and destruction, plus you’ll have much more peace-of-mind knowing if something goes wrong you’re well protected by an alarm!

  • Living Roo

The living room, the center of your home and where you spend most of your time when not at work or school. It’s also one of the safest rooms in a house because it is connected to other areas that may be more hazardous like kitchens with open flame sources, bathrooms which can have water from appliances on them if broken etc., as well as entryways leading outside. That is why installing smoke detectors in this part of the house is so necessary!

Smoke detector installation and maintenance is a vital aspect of fire safety. If you want to know more about smoke detectors, contact our licenced fire experts today!