Amazing Facts About Hand Sanitiser

The importance of hand sanitiser can not be overstated. It’s called hand sanitiser for a reason! Hand sanitisers kill 99% of all germs on your body and it also prevents the spread of illnesses that can be transmitted through touching. You need to make sure that you are taking care of yourself, but sometimes it can feel like a chore. Hand sanitiser is one thing that will help keep those germs away. Hand sanitiser is a great way to kill bacteria on your hands before they get into other areas or onto others in close contact. 

I can’t believe I’m about to reveal these facts, but as a mom, I feel like it’s my duty. Hand sanitiser is so amazing – did you know that it kills the germs on your hands in seconds and as said earlier, 99% of all germs? And because it doesn’t require water, soap or towels, it’s perfect for when I need to clean up my kids’ messes. Best of all, hand sanitiser is non-toxic and safe for children and adults alike! If you’re sick with something nasty and are worried about getting your family sick too – don’t be! A quick squirt will do the trick.

Read below for more interesting facts about hand sanitiser

  1. Alcohol gel doesn’t require much scrubbing or rubbing which means it won’t damage your skin as much as other methods. 

Clean hands are the key to preventing many illnesses and diseases. Alcohol based hand sanitiser is a great way of keeping your family healthy, because it doesn’t require much scrubbing or rubbing which means it won’t damage your skin as much as other methods. You’ll be able to keep those clean hands for longer!

Clean hands are the key to staying healthy in today’s world with all its bacteria lurking around every corner you can think of–from door handles at work buildings, public bathrooms, grocery stores,” says Dr Smith from Los Angeles General Hospital Medical Centre.”Alcohol-based hand sanitisers don’t need any water like soap does so there will still be no excuse not having them on trips out!”

  •  Alcohol based hand sanitisers are the best way to keep your hands clean on-the-go. 

It’s a great feeling to know you have the power of hand sanitiser in your pocket, so that no matter where or when an unexpected germ attacks, it can be easily vanquished. Hand washing is always important- but having this handy little tool on standby makes life just that much easier and more enjoyable!

I never liked going out without soap & water nearby before I had my trusty bottle of hand sanitiser with me at all times. Who wants to deal with icky germs? Now I don’t worry one bit about being exposed because even if there isn’t any proper soap around for miles, my hands are still clean thanks to some extra protection from these amazing wonders called “hand sanitiser”.

  • Children find it more appealing thanks to its scent and color.

Children have been known to mistake hand sanitiser for a toy that makes it fun and easier for them, which is why the product may be seen as more appealing.

Children are generally drawn towards colourful products such as toys but because of their natural curiosity they will also take notice when something new enters into view. One example would be if you walk past your child’s room while carrying a bottle of hand sanitiser in one arm; he’ll probably run up to you with his hands outstretched demanding what could possibly feel so good about this strange-looking object I see before me.”